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Track List (92 Episodes)

391013 Henry's Engagement

391017 Girl Trouble

400220 Pigeon Coops

400227 Carrier Pigeons

400905 'The Generous Gentleman' Movie I'mpresses Henry

400912 Henry Loses Gift Watch From Aunt Harriet

401031 Halloween

410126 Pen Pal

411023 Letter

420122 Girlfriend

420129 Henry's Secret Admirer

420618 Selling Christmas Cards

430211 Valentine's Day Party

430225 Homer's Love Note Goes to Henry's Teacher

430311 Legal Trouble

430401 War Bonds

430415 Henry Collects Props For The School Play

431007 Everybody Sleeps Over

440127 Movie Star

440302 Homer's Piano Recital

440309 Warmest Day In March

440413 Close that Door

440420 Sam And Henry Both Await I'mportant Calls

440427 Henry Has To Replace A Box Of Chocolate

440511 Baby Sitting Or Movies

450125 Church And Chocolate

460926 Mary Has Joe Graham Over

470313 Birthday Pipe

471211 School Ring

480401 April Fool's Day Jokes

480513 Helen Forbes

480624 Painting Garage

480916 Rotating Parties

481007 Mary's Surprise

481014 The Great Weiner Roast

481021 Baby Sitting

481028 Lead Role

481104 Henry Buys A Hat

481111 BrokenToy

481118 Grab Bag

481125 Thanksgiving Dance And Turkey Run

481209 Grouse for Dinner

481216 Weekly Party

481223 Sublte Hints For Xmas Present

481230 New Year's Eve Party

490113 French Notes

490120 Kathleen Dinner (JELLO)

490120A Kathleen Dinner (AFRS)

490203 Shoveling Snow

490217 Mrs. Aldrich's Antique Chairs

490303 Planning a Trip to DC

490414 Henry The Shortstop

490421 Henry Takes Gladys To A Play

490428 Date With A Tall Girl

490505 Homer Accidentally Engaged To Agnes

491216 Homer's Party

500914 Motor Scooter(skips)

510419 School Gossip Column

510628 Everyone Expects A Surprise Party For Themselves

520221 The Debating Team

520921 Paid In Corn

520928 Man Or Mouse

521005 Class Debt Chairman

521012 The Big Deal

521019 The Camping Trip

521026 Parent's Day

521102 Overdue Library Book

521109 The New Suit

521116 Debate Team

521123 The Thanksgiving Turkey

521130 Henry's Father Is Sick

521207 The Lost Watch

521214 The Roadside Stand

521221 Christmas Party Gifts

52xxxx Grouse For Dinner

52xxxx Selling Christmas Cards

530315 Latin Exam

530426 The Delivery Bicycle

Anniversary of First Date

Cleaning the Furnace

Henry Gets a Letter From a Strange Girl

Henry Gets Jealous

Henry Goes Ice Skating

Henry Is Not Wanted On A Sleigh Ride Party

Letter From a Loan Company

Looking for Tuxedos For School Formal

Lost in the Snow

Selling Christmas Cards

Sidewalk Graffiti Causes Trouble For Henry

The Boys Throw A Farewell Party For The Girls

Trouble with Kathleens Father

Waste Paper Drive

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