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All Star Western Theater

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Track List (96 Episodes)

460711 Jean Rogers

460818 Jimmy Wakely

460901 yep Eddie Dean

460915 Ken Curtis

460922 Tim Holt

460929 Smiley Burnette

461013 Tex Ritter

461020 Johnny Mack Brown

461027 Alan Lane

461103 Monty Montana

461110 Smiley Burnette

461117 Jimmy Wakely

461124 William Marshall

461201 Ken Curtis

461215 Eddie Dean

461222 Dennis Moore

470105 Foy Willing

470112 Tex Ritter

470119 Foy Willing

470126 Monty Montana

470216 Monty Montana

470223 Foy Willing

470302 Donald 'Red' Barry

470309 Virgina Mayo

470316 Foy Willing

470318 Ken Card

470323 Foy Willing

470330 Jackie Cooper

470401 Ken Card

470408 Monty Hale

470415 Foy Willing

470422 Jimmy Wakely

470503 Dale Evans

470510 Donald 'Red' Barry

470524 Foy Willing

470531 Monty Montana

470607 Smiley Burnette

470614 Foy Willing

470621 Foy Willing

470623 Foy Willing

470628 Foy Willing

470705 Foy Willing

470712 Foy Willing

470719 Foy Willing

470726 Foy Willing

470802 Foy Willing

470809 Foy Willing

470816 Dale Evans

470906 Foy Willing

470908 Dale Evans

470913 Foy Willing

471004 Foy Willing

471011 Foy Willing

471018 Foy Willing

471025 Foy Willing

471101 Foy Willing

471108 Foy Willing

471115 Foy Willing

471122 Foy Willing

471129 Eddy Arnold

471206 Foy Willing

471213 Foy Willing

471216 Foy Willing

471220 Foy Willing

471227 Edgar Bergen

480100 Collean Summers

480103 Foy Willing

480110 Monte Montana

480117 Foy Willing

480124 Foy Willing

480131 Foy Willing

480202 Johnny Mack Brown

480207 Foy Willing

480214 Monty Montana

480221 Foy Willing

480306 Foy Willing

480313 Eddy Arnold

480320 Foy Willing

480327 Foy Willing

480403 Foy Willing

480410 Foy Willing

480417 Foy Willing

480424 Foy Willing

480501 Foy Willing

480508 Foy Willing

480515 Foy Willing

480529 Foy Willing

480605 Foy Willing

480612 Preston Foster

480619 Foy Willing

480626 Foy Willing

480710 Foy Willing

480717 Foy Willing

480807 Foy Willing

480814 Foy Willing

Foy Willing, Hank Williams

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