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Backstage Wife

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Track List (180 Episodes)

001-Mary and Larry See a Twenty Year Old Portrait That Looks Exactly Like Mary

002-Maude Marlowe Hopes to Land a Part Back on Broadway Again

003-Julia Dixon and Oliver Are on a Romantic Beach in Bermuda

004-Claudia Vincent Tries to Insinuate Herself Between Mary and Larry

005-Is Rupert Barlow Being Blackmailed by Claudia Vincent After She

006-Claudia Vincent Plants the Idea in Larry's Mind That Mary Is

007-Mary Visits Rupert Barlow

008-Larry Is Restless

009-Claudia Vincent Is Making Larry Jealous of What May Be Happening

010-Claudia Vincent Visits Larry Backstage Between the Acts of A

011-Julia Tells Oliver That She Must Leave Bermuda

012-Larry Plans to Go on a Picnic

013-Rupert Barlow Is Upset That Julia Has 'Deserted' Him

014-Julia Gets a Most Urgent Call in Bermuda from Rupert Barlow

015-Rupert Barlow Is Fuming over the Absence of Julia

016-Mary Has Dinner with Tom Bryson, an Old Friend

017-Larry and Mary Have an Argument in the Garden

018-Maud Marlowe Is Told About the Claudia Vincent by Mary

019-Julia Refuses to Return to Oyster Bay with Rupert Barlow, Unless

020-Sheila Asks Larry to Help Her Get out of Her Part in the Play

021-Mary and Claudia Vincent Have a Catty Late Night Confrontation

022-Larry Tries to Interest the Producer of the Play in Claudia Vincent

023-Larry Prepares to Give Claudia Vincent Some Good News

024-Rupert Barlow and His Servant Victor Plan How to Get Rid of Oliver

025-Claudia Vincent Is Very Grateful for He Possible Opportunity

026-Mary Tells Maud About Claudia Vincent and Larry Kissing

027-Rupert Barlow Gets an Invitation from Mary to Visit

028-Rupert Barlow Arrives at Mary's Home

029-Rupert Barlow Is Being Very Nice to Mary

030-Sheila Doesn't Think Much of Larry's Idea to Have Claudia Take

031-Larry Plans to Help Claudia Vincent Get the Part in His Play

032-Julia Dixon Threatens to Leave Rupert Barlow If He's Rude To

033-Oliver Wilson Gets an Education from the Upstairs Maid

034-Rupert Barlow and Julia Have a Confrontation, and So Do Larry

035-episode 3946

036-episode 3947

037-episode 3948

038-episode 3949

039-episode 3950

040-episode 3951

041-episode 3952

042-episode 3953

043-episode 3954

044-episode 3955

045-episode 3956

046-episode 3957

047-episode 3958

048-episode 3959

049-Mary Tries to Talk Larry out of Asking for the Key to Their Safe

050-After Breakfast with Claudia Vincent, Larry Is Heading Toward

051-Larry Is About to Open the Safe Deposit Box

052-Larry and Mary Have a Stormy Confrontation About the Papers

053-Rupert, Claudia, Mary and Larry Have a Confrontation

054-Larry and Claudia Are Rehearsing

055-Larry Urges Mary to Ask Julia to Stay

056-Mary Asks Claudia Vincent Not to Leave

057-Preparations for Rupert Barlow's Garden Party

058-Oliver Plans to Take Steps Against Victor

059-Claudia Dixon and Maude Marlowe Have a Catty Exchange at The

060-Larry and Claudia Have Words While Driving to New York

061-Maude Marlowe Hints to Oliver Wilson That Claudia Dixon Is Wealthy

062-Rupert Barlow Is Just About to Kiss Mary When Maude and Oliver

063-Rupert Barlow and Victor Are Unhappy with Oliver Dixon

064-Julia Has Decided to Run Away with Oliver

065-Claudia Is Not Getting Along with the Play's Director

066-Claudia Tells Rupert Barlow That She May Soon Be Leaving

067-Claudia Has Left the Theatre, Where Is She

068-Claudia and Oliver Are Eloping

069-Mary Invites Julia, Oliver and Rupert Go to a Theatre Party As

070-Mary Continues Preparations for the Theatre Party

071-Claudia and Oliver Have Been Married

072-Claudia Soothes an Angry Larry Noble

073-Oliver Continues to Deceive Julia, but Julia Tells Oliver That

074-episode 3985

075-episode 3986

076-episode 3987

077-episode 3988

078-episode 3989

079-episode 3990

080-episode 3991

081-episode 3992

082-episode 3993

083-episode 3994

084-episode 3995

085-episode 3996

086-episode 3997

087-episode 3998

088-episode 3999

089-episode 4000

090-episode 4001

091-episode 4002

092-episode 4003

093-episode 4004

094-episode 4005

095-episode 4006

096-episode 4007

097-episode 4008

098-episode 4009

099-episode 4010

100-episode 4011

101-episode 4012

102-episode 4013

103-episode 4014

104-episode 4015

105-episode 4016

106-episode 4017

107-episode 4018

108-episode 4019

109-episode 4020

110-episode 4057

111-episode 4058

112-episode 4059

113-episode 4060

114-episode 4061

115-episode 4062

116-episode 4065

117-episode 4066

118-episode 4067

119-episode 4068

120-episode 4069

121-episode 4070

122-episode 4071

123-episode 4072

124-episode 4074

125-episode 4075

126-episode 4076

127-episode 4077

128-episode 4079

129-episode 4080

130-episode 4081

131-episode 4082

132-episode 4083

133-episode 4084

134-episode 4085

135-episode 4086

136-episode 4087

137-episode 4088

138-episode 4089

139-episode 4090

140-episode 4091

141-episode 4092

142-episode 4093

143-episode 4094

144-episode 4095

145-episode 4096

146-episode 4097

147-episode 4098

148-episode 4099

149-episode 4100

150-episode 4101

151-episode 4102

152-episode 4103

153-episode 4104

154-episode 4105

155-episode 4106

156-episode 4107

157-episode 4108

158-episode 4109

159-episode 4110

160-episode 4112

161-episode 4113

162-episode 4114

163-episode 4116

164-episode 4117

165-episode 4118

166-episode 4119

167-episode 4120

168-episode 4121

169-episode 4122

170-episode 4123

171-episode 4124

172-episode 4125

173-episode 4126

174-episode 4127

175-episode 4128

176-episode 4129

177-episode 4130

178-episode 4131

179-episode 4132

180-title unknown

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