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Bob and Ray Vol 3

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Track List (165 Episodes)

101 Opening

101 This Is Your Bed, You Made It, Now Lie In It

102 Dean Archer Armstead

102 The Life & Loves Of Linda Lovely

103 Bob Elliott Soundalike Tryout

103 Mary McGoon's Rambling Casino Place

104 Cheerios Commercial

104 Tryout Continues

105 Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife

105 Mr. Science

106 Questions & Answers

106 Wally Ballou Announcer Tryout

107 Charles The Poet

107 Chatting With The Stars

108 Dean Archer Armstead_ Wally Ballou

108 One Fella's Family

109 Laughter Auditions

109 Wins Station Break & Weather Report

110 Chesley L. Beamish, Voice Coach

110 Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife

111 Arthur Sturdley

111 The Music Factory With Bob & Ray

112 Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife

112 Wally Ballou

113 Book Interview

113 Commercial

114 Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife

114 Wisdom Of The Ages

115 Flower Arranging Convention

115 Music Factory Entertainment News

116 Members Of The Audience Write A Song

117 Bob & Ray Overstocked Warehouse

117 Wally Ballou

118 Doing Your Thing

118 Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife

119 Farley Hubler, 42 Year Old Industrialist

119 Outro

120 Music Factory Outro

201 Monitor Intro

201 Monitor Radio Intro

202 Aunt Penny's Sunlit Kitchen

202 Linda Lovely

203 Arthur Sturdley

203 Ludlow Neblet

204 Linda Lovely, Girl Intern

204 Matt Neffer

205 Book Review

205 Wally Ballou At Sturdleyland

206 Linda Lovely

206 Steve Bosco

207 Seasearch

207 Wally Ballou

208 Giraffe Collector's Club

208 Linda Lovely

209 Charles The Poet

209 Mr. Trace, Keener Than Most Persons

210 Jack Headstrong, All American American

210 Mary Backstayge

211 Bert & Harry Piel

211 Unusual Occupations

212 CBS Intro

212 Inside Bob & Ray

213 Stop That Tune

213 Wayside Doctor

214 TV Critic Crawford Paisley

214 Your Sanitation Department In Action

215 Bob & Ray Top Melody Call

215 TV Confidential

216 Matt Neffer Boy Spotwelding King Of The World

216 Musical Chairs

217 Aunt Penny's True To Life Stories

217 The Hasselberger Veal Cutlet Theater

218 Sound Mistakes

218 Webley Webster's Book Review

219 Artie Schermerhorn

219 Outro

220 Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder

221 College For Gangsters

222 CBS Outro

301 CBS Intro

301 Intro_ Bob & Ray Girls

302 Clifford Fleming

302 Wally Ballou

303 CBS Radio Promo

303 Public Service Announcement

304 One Fella's Family

304 World Report

305 Audience Members' Questions

305 Mary McGoon

306 CBS Intro

306 Wcbs Promo & Sign Off

307 Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding Present The CBS Radio Network_ Friday The Thirteenth

307 Radio & TV Knob & Antenna Magazine Award

308 CBS Radio Promos

308 Promo US Treasury Bond #2

309 Lawrence Fetchenberger

309 Natalie Attired, Song Sayer

310 CBS Intro

310 Commercial

311 Wally Ballou

312 Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding Present The CBS Radio Network

312 Celebrity Snapshot

313 Everyman Hall Of Fame

313 Guess My Secret

314 CBS Radio Promos

314 Studio Chatter

315 CBS Intro

315 Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate

316 Commercial

316 Webley Webster

317 Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee's Revenge_ Outro

317 Johnny Creshendo, Private Eye

318 Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding Present The CBS Radio Network

318 CBS Outro

319 CBS Intro

319 Travel Tips

320 Pierre Dupray

320 Promo

321 Wally Ballou

321 Wonderful World Of Professions

322 McBeeBee Family Singers

322 Outro

323 Judo Expert

324 Beatnik Poem

401 CBS Intro

401 Opening

402 Questions & Answers

402 Widen Your Horizons

403 Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy

403 Guest

404 Underwriter Service

404 Unusual Occupations

405 Mr. Trace, Keener Than Most Persons

405 Natalie Attired

406 Barry Campbell

406 CBS Intro

407 Fritos Commercial & Jingle

407 One Fella's Family

408 Laura Lee Grade School Kids

408 Souvenir Auction

409 Dean Archer Armstead

409 Wally Ballou

410 Celebrity Spotlight

410 Mutual Station Break & Commercial

411 Unusual Service

411 WOR Station Break

412 CBS Intro

412 The Westerners

413 Bad News

413 Mary McGoon

414 Audience Members' Worst & Best Gifts

414 The Gathering Dusk

415 One Fella's Family

415 Road Map Maker

416 Mary Backstayge-Cave in

416 Tex Blaisdell

416 The Life And Loves Of Linda Lovely

417 CBS Intro

417 McBeeBee Twins

418 Biff Burns

418 Leonard Bernstein Request

419 Al Bow-Wow Perthwaite

419 TV Critic Crawford Paisley

420 Wally Ballou

421 Outro

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