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Bob and Ray Vol 5

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Track List (216 Episodes)

01 Bob and Ray Visit Dr Ahkbar At The Castle

01 Curtain Rises

01 Intr - Wlly Bll Mn n th Str

01 Intro Beg Your Pardon

02 Bankruptcy

02 Biff Burns in the Sports Rm

02 Hard Luck Stories

02 Komodo Dragon

02 Ralph Bellamy Look Alike

02 Vanishing Animals

02 Wally Ballou At Sturdley Hs

03 Beautiful Face

03 Biff Burns

03 Down The Byways- Kyle Rumse

03 Grand Motel

03 Mr. I Know Where they Are

03 The Hobby Hut

03 The Word Wizard

04 Barry Campbell

04 Garish Summit

04 Hard Luck Stories

04 Speaking Out

04 The Big Scoop

04 The Gathering Dusk

05 Do It Yourselfer

05 Fern Ock Veek

05 Garish Summit

05 Garrish Summit

05 Hard Luck Stories

05 Slow Talker

05 You and Your Symptoms

06 Anxiety- Roger Stamworth

06 Garish Summit

06 Hard Luck Stories

06 Larry Lovebreath contd

06 The Orderlies

06 Wing Po, Travelling Philoso

07 Barry Campbell

07 Biff Burns

07 Editoral

07 Lupis Bartlow Counselor-At-Law

07 Mr. District Attorney

08 Chatting with Chesny

08 Garish Summit

08 Martin Lesoeur, Raconteur

09 Anxiety- Warren Hughie & Welden Glimbitzer

09 Charley Chew

09 Children's Menu

09 Editorial

09 Feature Story Follow-ups

09 Grand Motel

10 Biff Burns Pickup Sticks

10 Chatting with Chesney

10 The Financial Advisor

10 Wall Street On Parade

102 Ballou-audience interview

103 Linda Lovely-1

109 Music Nook spot & Opera in digest form

11 Dining Out with Bob & Ray

11 Sauter Finegan Orchestra-Song Of The Volga Boatman

11 Stretching Your Dollars

110 Looking up St Nick & his helper

111 Mary McGoon's Xmas dinner advice

112 Ken & Bill play Xmas music

113 16th Annual Xmas play pt 1

113 Ballou-A cartographer

114 Grand Motel-Continental breakfast

115 16th Annual Xmas play pt 2

116 Sherlock Sage-Farthingale mystery

117 Columbus' ships models

12 Dais Builder

12 Planning Your Vacation

14 Consumer Affairs

14 Garish Summit II

16 Garish Summit I

18 Search for Togetherness

19 Down the Byways with Farley Girard

19 You and Your Income Tax

20 The Question Man

202 Ken & Bill play Cherokee

205 Barry Campbell-New live recording

208 Ace in the Hole

208 Lawrence Fectenberger-1st episode

21 Tippy the Wonder Dog

210 One Fellas Family-Prowlers upstairs

211 Dr OK

211 Grand Motel-Late breakfast

212 Mary McGoon runs for the Senate

213 Army Amateur Hour

213 Matt Neffer

214 Ballou-NYC visitor

215 Jack Headstrong-Transistorized blimp

216 Bowler Cornell Brakesh

216 If Pains Persists 2

217 Mr Trace Nightclub Murder Clue

218 Bob gives a drawing lesson

22 Election Editorial

301 Ballou in Green River Wyoming

307 Charlie Chew-Cheap Motel Mystery

308 Faces in the News

308 Mary McGoon's Have-a-fun

309 Grand Motel-breakfast anytime

310 Biff Burns-Bill Hockey

311 Trophy train-1st remote

313 Ace Willoughby-The unconcious can't speak

315 Barry Campbell-The Big Conga

316 Ballou-Fact Datatron machine

317 Grand Motel-Smaller stirrers

319 Lawrence Fectenberger-Return to Polaris

401 Wally Ballou's family visits

402 Slender Voice wire recorder

406 Airline hostess school

407 Walner Slendervoice machine

408 Bob & Ray Waiter's School

408 Grand Motel-New billboard

410 Ballou-Bathysphere

411 Biff Burns-Fight of the week

412 Conversation Program

415 Good Neighbor Award

416 Thurber Whitechapel-2

417 Courtroom Drama

Adult Tap Dancing School

Anti-War Toy Factory and Fectenburger

Army Ameture Show and Sherlock Sage

Audience Questions

Audience Seating and Laurence Fectenberger

Aunt Penny-Alfred Schaffer

Aunt Penny-The Jeffersons

Aunt Penny-The Newbackers

Ballew at the Bake-Off

Ballou Air Traffic Report

Ballou At A Bake-Off

Ballou At An Ice Skating Rink

Ballou w Prof Groggins New Rocket

Ballou-If Pain Persists-2

Ballou-The New Golden Gurnsey

Ballou-Traffic Report Crash

Barkley Overstreet and The Tender T-Bone

Beechers Teachers

Best-Worst Xmas Gift and One Fellas Family

Biff Burns Stretch Wimbacher

Biff Burns The Fighting Schoolmarms

Biff Burns3

Bold Journeyman

Boston Ladies Grab Your Seats

Boston Mary Cries and Terrence McCaffigen-Cop

By The Sea Wall

Clarinet Comic

Concerto of Life and Kiddie Menu

Cranberry Man

Elmer Litzinger Spy

Family Reunion

Fractions in the Supermarket

Gathering Dusk-Dr Dunfoil

Gathering Dusk-Smoke Signals

Green Pickerall

Hard Luck Stories-1st Ms Zerkle to London

Home Movie Film Festival

I Remember It Well

In The First Person Trabowlski and Fido

Interview Camp Counselor

Interviews With A Stunt Pilot

Invisible Glass Screen Factory

Junior Bob and Ray Hopefuls

Kazoo Factory

Kent Returns and Wally Ballou w Dean Armstead

Kiddie's Book Author

Lawrence Fectenberger-Visit To The Commandant

Log Roller and McBB Family Singers



Mary Backstage NW Mary the Cabbie

Mary Backstayge-Adrift

Mary Backstayge-ArrivingInBoston

Mary Backstayge-Calvins Cartoon Club

Mary Backstayge-Cast Forgets Lines

Mary Backstayge-CureForJR

Mary Backstayge-Dining at Mom and Pops

Mary Backstayge-GhostlyRehearsal

Mary Backstayge-hauledaway

Mary Backstayge-Heading4Meredith

Mary Backstayge-Mary Missing

Mary Backstayge-Meredith Jinx

Mary Backstayge-Mys Cab Driver

Mary Backstayge-rowing2shore

Mary Backstayge-Shanghaied

Mary Backstayge-ShowFolksFromNY

Mary Backstayge-Tipsy for Opening Night

Mary Backstayge-welcome abrd

Mary MaGoons Scrapopoly

Matt Neffer-Memory Problems

Matt Neffer-Supermarket

Mbnw Harrys New Job

Merchandising Ice Cubes NBC

More McBB Family Singers

Mr Science

Mr Trace Keener Than Most Persons

Mr Trace-Poisoned Donut

Never Ending Bulgarian Cream Pie Story

One Fella's Family and Impersonator

One Fellas Family-Garbage

One Fellas Family-Legs Akimbo

Paper Clip Factory

PeaKnuckles and Arthur Shrank From Toyko

Queen Mary Purchase

Slow Talkers of America

Squad Car 119 Holdup at 7226 Alameda

State Your Case-1st Caller-683 Craigwell

Stunt Man from Audience

Test Dive

The Orderlies-Room 627

The Pirate

Wally Ballou w Professor Groggins

Ward Carr Horror Movie Interview

Widen Your Horizons-How To Sit Down

World News Report and Fectenburger

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