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Bob and Ray Vol 7

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Track List (275 Episodes)

01 Bulletin IV

01 Einbinder Flypaper Ad

01 Intro & Bulletin I

01 Intro Elephant Protest

01 Intro

01 Intro-McBeebee Twins

01 Intro-Webly Webster

02 Einbinder Ad

02 Geo Melachrino-Riders In The Sky

02 Rudolph & Irma's Dance Studio

02 Welcome & Ballou-W-W-Q-L-C-W

03 Close Out Sale

03 Einbinder Ad

03 Monongahela Ad

03 Skitch Henderson-Minuet On The Rocks

04 Bob & Ray Overstocked Warehouse

04 Bob and Ray In The Round Room

04 Children's Menu

04 Ice Cube Trays

04 Memory Expert

05 Dick Shory-Buck Dance

05 Einbinder Ad

06 Embezzler

06 Lena Horne-New Fangled Tango

06 Monongahela Ad - Outro

06 Monongahela Ad

06 Monongahela

06 Speaking of Names

07 Bob and Ray The Thing

07 Bulletin V

07 Disclaimer- Views Behind The News

07 Einbinder Ad

07 Einbinder Flypaper

07 Kent Lyle Birdley

07 Outro

08 Bulletin II

08 Closing Of The Door

08 Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band-2nd Hungarian Rhapsody

08 Honor City

08 Monongahela Ad

08 Outro

09 Our Song

09 Outro

09 Radio City Music Hall Organ-The 1st Noel

10 Julie Andrews-We ll Gather Lilacs In The Spring

10 Outro

101 6-29-59 1st CBS show - Arrival

101 Ray sings

102 Arthur Godfrey for Chesterfields

103 Worry-free old age kit

104 Charles the poet

104 Chordettes for Chesterfields

105 Ace Willoughby-Marrakech affair

105 Chordettes introduced to Arthur

106 Bob's dream of the future

106 Mary McGoon's society items

107 Dr Ordway solves a mystery

107 Wonderland Of Knowledge

108 Ballou-Jute box factory

108 Leftover holiday items

109 Two New York doctors

11 Happy Birthday Ken Vose

110 10-09-59 Ray predicts radio with pictures

111 Our Fella Thursday

112 Rescue Squadron-Crowd control

114 Basil Rathbone for Fatima

115 CBS Sunday line-up

116 Mary McGoon's Xmas recipes

117 Ray Jr visits the studio

118 More Xmas music

119 Linda Lovely-2

12 Bob and Ray In The Laboratory

120 Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff & Monsters

121 Mission Bell Wine Singers

122 Scary studio talk

123 Sturdley's Pigs

124 Mary's Xmas recipe

13 Abbe Lane-Whatever Lola Wants

13 Bulletin VI

13 Presidential Hopeful

14 Belafonte Singers-The Ox Drivers

15 Bob and Ray The End

15 Bulletin III

15 Bulletin VII

16 Monongahela Metal Foundry

17 Captain Pediatrician

17 Ward Stuffer Book Critic

18 Bulletin VIII

20 Amnesia

201 07-21-59 Bob & Ray Quartet sing

201 Friendly Valley

202 Opening Mary defends her singing

203 Music panel review

203 Popcorn popping

204 Boston & Maine Excursion Special

204 Columbia phonograph spot

205 Bob & Ray climb aboard the train

206 Ken & Bill play I Still Get A Thrill

206 Subliminial advertising man

207 Dean Archer Armstead-Composting

207 McGee refrigerator spot

209 Ballou-Newspaper research dept

209 The Question Man

21 Music Contest

210 Cast curtain call

212 If Pain Persists 1

214 Mary talks about her nomination

215 Colonial Gardens

217 Bob and Ray Drama Part One

23 Voting Booths

24 Bulletin X & close

301 7-21-59 Staff Picnic

302 Columbia phonograph spot

302 Whirling Birds Inc

303 Bob & Ray arrive

303 Smelly Dave in Bridgeport

304 Clifton Wordlinger Pizza Flipper

304 Steve Bosco

305 Flamenco dancer

305 Mail Call

306 Jacobus Pike address

306 Linoleum's Millionth Customer

307 Tex Blaisdell close

309 Lost & Found Department

310 Savings Bond PSA

311 McBeebee Twins on tour

312 Honor city salute

312 One Fellas Family-The Family Leaves

313 Webley's Book Review-Gulliver's Travels

314 CBS football promo

314 The Gourmet Club Sandwich Surprise

315 Logroller Pierre Bouchard

316 Charles the Poet

317 Lionel Myopic Private Eye

318 Natalie Attired-My Fair Lady

318 Webley's Book Review-Treasury of American Speeches

401 9-28-59-Singing Lessons

402 College song contest

403 Trophy train-Yakima, WA

403 Webley's Book Review-The Status Seekers

404 Biff Burns & Emma Noonan

404 Overstocked warehouse-Squirting carnations

405 Dust McCluskey

405 Thurber Whitechapel-1

406 The Hidden Microphone

407 Pat Broome's Teen Scene

409 Jack Headstrong-Stolen Atomic Plans

409 Skinny Man

410 Webley's Book Review-The Hidden Persuaders

411 Playhouse 15

412 Gabe Preston

413 One Fellas Family-Fair Exchange

413 Up In The Morning With Winch

414 Bob & Ray Previews

414 Natalie Attired-The Trouble with Harry

416 Clyde LaMona

417 Gaspar Fletcher Jr Gumshoe

418 Sports-O-Phone

419 Hap Wartney interview

Agricultural Report

Alan Funt Look-alike Party

Alcoa spot

Allen Funt Look-A-Likes

Astronaut in Audience

Audience Interview-Booze Container

Audience Question re Mary McGoon

Aunt Penny-The Bullocks

Aunt Penny-The Frawleys

Aunt Penny-The Harmons

Aunt Penny-The Hobbs

Ballou at a Rug Makers

Ballou At The Bank

Ballou in the New Quiet Subway

Ballou vs Schemmerhorn Millard Fillmore

Ballou Vs Schemmerhorn Street Crowd

Ballou-Bullfighters Cape Factory

Ballou-If Pain Persists-1

Ballou-Nasograph Company

Ballou-Street Quiz Show

Barry Campbell After a Hard Summer

Barry Campbell And All-Girl Orchestra

Barry Campbells Movie Premier

Barry Campbell-When A Headache Strikes

Bob and Ray Summer Home

Bob And Ray Was There-Pilgrim Landing

Bomb Deactivator

Bomb Deactivator2

Book Review-Rebecca

Booze Container

Ceremony of the Keys soundtrack

Cheapers Discount Dept Store

Cliff Flemmings Weather Station

Crowd Estimator

Dean Archer Armstead-New Degree

Dean Archer Armstead-Twigs And Leaves

Department Store Floorwalker

Down To The Sea In Ships

Edgar Pestley Overseas

Embarrassing Moments


Fawlenger-Telephone Bill

Festooned Studio Question

Fire Engine Factory

Firehouse visit

Firehouse Visit2

First Appearnce of Kent Lyle Birdley

Floor Walker

Gabe Preston Report

Glass Fruit Factory

High School Administrator

Hillshire Farms ad Breakup

Holiday Song Writer

How Does It Work-Typewriters

Introducing the Cast

Jack Headstrong-1

Jaguar For Xmas

Laughing Eddie Upjohn the Human Fireball

Laurence Fectenburger-Mellish Comes Along

Lawrence Fectenberger-Oh Poo Poo

Lawrence Fectenberger-Thawarted Launch

Lucky Phone Call-Detroit Michigan

Lucky Phone Call-Eugene Oregon

Manufacturers Outlet-Wool Suits

Marry Ellen Wabbash and her Giraff

Mary Ellen Lavish and her Giraffe

Matinee Golden Spike

Matt Kneffer Welding Near the Dangerous Place

Matt Neffer-1

Matt Neffer-2

Matt Neffer-A Mysterious Letter

Matt Neffer-Family Affair

Matt Neffer-If You Know Beans

Matt Neffer-Out Of Work

Matt Neffer-Unusual Sounds

McBB Twins New Instrumentation

Mcbeebee Twins-New Orchestra Tour

Mr Science-Refrigeration

Natalie Attiared-Lowell Tech Salute

Natalie Attired-Lowell Textile Institute

Neo Day

One Fellas Family Our Name Is In The Paper

One Fellas Family-A Message Arrives

One Fellas Family-Garbage2

Overstocked Warehouse-Brass Dorr Chimes

Overstocked Warehouse-Sound Problems

Pizza For Christmas

Postcard Pavillion at the Worlds Fair

Prof Groggins-2

Questions From The Audience

Richest Lady Guest


Secret Ingredient Word Creator

Sherlock Sage


Slim Slade

Street Interview-Linewoman

Studio Audience Questions

Studio Tour Interview

Supermarket plug

Swim Across America

Swimming Across the US

The Bob And Ray Rocket

The New Sturdley-8

Trophy Train Barstable Mass

Trophy Train Sandwich Mass 2

TV Quiz Shows

Uranium Prospector

Webleys Biography of Bob and Ray

Webleys Book Review-Cinderella

Webleys Book Review-Fannie Farmer Cookbook

Webleys Book Review-Rebecca

Weekend Farmer

Wilbur Feeley Bomb Deactovator

Woman In The Street Interview

World News Center

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