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Boston Blackie Volume 1

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Track List (75 Episodes)

(44-06-23) The Rockwell Diamond

(44-06-30) Fifty Hunter Street

(44-07-21) Black Market Meat Ring

(44-07-28) Polly Morrison's Gun Collection

(44-08-04) Alice Manweather Dead Or Allive

(45-04-25) The Wentworth Diamonds

(45-05-02) John Walters Murder

(45-05-09) Cover Up For Mary

(45-05-16) The WI'lliam Blaine Vase

(45-06-06) Mrs.)

(45-06-13) The Oscar Wolfe Case

(45-06-18) The Sam Bellows Case

(45-06-25) The Larry Brown Case

(45-07-02) Blackie Jilts Mary

(45-07-09) The Worthington Pearls

(45-07-16) Blackie's Car KI'lls A Woman

45-05-02 The Case of the Unused Shoes

460903 Stolen Rare Book

460910 The Backstage Murder

460917 The Apartment Swindler

460924 The Abbott Painting

461001 The Undersea Murder

461008 Murdered Show Dog Owner

461029 Granny's Witchcraft

461105 New Face for Joe Harvey

461112 Only One Way Out

461119 Fifty G Necklace

461126 The Lenny Powell Murder

461203 Blackie in Prison

461210 Mary Registered Nurse

461217 Police Impersonater

461224 The Derailed Gold Train

461231 Carl Browning's Shop

470107 Jack Small's Alias

470114 Blackie and the Fur Thefts

470121 The Search for Jim Gary

470218 7 Years Bad Luck

470225 Joe Delivers the Goods

470304 Larry the Kid vs. Savinni

470311 10th Street Gym

470318 Sam Fisher's Past

470325 The Horseroom Thefts

470408 Aggie Rogers Murder

470415 Phonograph Murder

470422 MI'lly Bromley Kidnapped

470429 Baseball and Gambling

470507 Mrs. Peterson's Insurance

470514 Drowned After Robbery

47-06-25 Joe Nelson's Pet Show

48-02-25 The Twin Murders

48-03-03 Corpse in the Trunk

48-03-10 50,000 Dollars for Blackie

48-03-17 Pay or Die, WI'lliam Larson

48-04-28 A Bomb KI'lls Joe Engles

48-06-23 The Harry Walker Case

48-07-14 The John Cummings Case

48-07-21 The Sweepstakes Case

49-03-23 A Man Stabbed on a Bus

49-07-25 Santa and the Stolen Rings

Case of the 3-way Split

Faraday Shot by BI'll Thayer Mob

Freighter Crew Plans Mutiny

Hypnotic Murder

Murder at the Movies

Murder at the Rodeo

On the Wrong Track

Peter's Mixup

The Bus to Valley Junction

The Carnival KI'llings

The Disappearing Body

The Jim WI'lliams Case

The Love Song Mystery

The Master's Diamond

The TV Poisoning

The WI'llabrandt Diamonds

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