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Burns and Allen Volume 2

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Track List (100 Episodes)

431102 Gracie blackmails Jack Benny

431116 Walter Pidgeon Moves In Next Door

440509 George's DoorToDoor And Radio Campaign

440516 George Tries To Sing His Way Into Office

441010 George wants to buy land

441017 Wrecked car Concerto for finger

441114 George Sings At A Bond Rally In Boston

441121 Franchot Tone Hotel Room Shortage (AFRS)

441212 War Bond Show

450115 Alan Ladd Making George Jealous

450618 Making George look young

450625 George prepares to entertain troops

450920 New House First for Maxwell House

451101 Gracie Pretends to be BI'll's Wife

451129 Jack Benny And George At College

460103 Taking In A Veteran

460110 BHU Society Is in Debt

460117 The Uplifters take over the show

460124 Kay Kyser Getting Rid of Meredith

460207 Marriage contest

460221 George's job in Washington

460314 George sells chicken farm

460404 George Is Upset About Gracie's Lying

460411 Gracie joins a literary club

460425 Sydney Strotz BHU Play

460502 Charles Boyer BHU Play (60 min)

460509 Gracie Hires Harpo Marx as Reporter

460530 Summer show worries

460912 Gracie Brings Home a Burglar

460919 Everyone Forgets George's Birthday

461003 Marrying off Cantor's daughter

461017 Gracie Wants George to Replace Gable

461024 Gracie wants George to replace Gable

461031 Jack Carson Acting contest

461107 Getting Frank Sinatra to leave town

461114 Louella Parsons The Hucksters

461226 Xmas presents with Eddie Cantor

470102 Housewife's Guild (Upgrade)

470220 15th radio anniversary w Al Jolson

470227 Gracie Allen, Inc

470306 Gracie takes up crI'me solving

470313 KI'll the Rat

470515 Gracie treats George like a King

470522 BHU Society Wants New Hats

470529 Francis Langford Vacation Plans

470925 Gracie Finances a Play

471106 A live hog

471113 Cary Grant and the Uplifters

471120 Princess Elizabeth's Wedding

471127 Jean Sablon George's Award

471204 Gracie wants Bing Crosby to Retire

471218 George Gets Gracie A Christmas Gift

480108 George And Jack As Gypsies

480115 Income Tax TI'me

480122 Guest Walter O'Keefe

480205 New Mink Coat

480212 Babysitting for Kay Kaiser

480219 Keeping George from Making Decisions

480226 Gracie Goes to New Orleans

480325 Gracie Buys George an Easter Outfit

480415 George Is Jealous of Joe Bagley

480422 Joe Bagley Makes Gracie Mad At George

480429 George Is Finally Getting A New Car

480513 Gracie's problem with salesmen

480520 Gracie's mother visits

480930 The new neighbors

481007 Kleptomaniacs

481111 Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary

481118 Who's the Boss

481125 Turkey Swallows a Wedding Ring

490106 Guest Gregory Peck

490120 Cesar Romero steal BI'll's girlfriend

490127 Gene Kelly George's Birthday

490210 Gracie sends Sam Spade to jail

490217 I'mpressing the neighbors James Mason

490224 Gracie wants George to be a doctor

490303 Richard Widmark Wrecked Car

490310 Gracie the Girl Scout Leader

490317 Marlene Dietrich George Has a Cold

490324 Jane Wyman The Academy Awards

490331 How Jack Benny became cheap

490421 Guest Eddie Cantor

490428 Gracie and the County Fair

490505 WI'lliam Boyd George the Cowboy

490512 George on TV

490519 Gracie adopts Mickey Rooney

490602 Chester Morris Gracie the Magician

490616 Emily Vanderlip's Boyfriend

490623 Preparing for England Trip

490928 Second Courtship

500104 Gracie Wants To Be A Suffering Artist

500111 Getting a Movie Contract

500118 Gracie Resolves to Stop Worrying

500125 Speech for Ronald Reagan

500201 Al Jolson's Vigorous Lifestyle

500208 Gracie's Dented Fender

500215 Dulcey

500222 Going to the Races

500301 Preparing the income taxes

500412 Palm Springs

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