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Calling all Detectives

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Track List (72 Episodes)

480705 (213) The Ship Julia Louise Carries a Cargo of Gold

480706 (214) Jerry Investigates a Mysterious Increase in Hospital Deaths

480707 (215) Jerry Is Framed For the Murder of Mrs. Mayner

480708 (216) Jerry Witnesses a Murder On TV

480709 (217) Jerry Stumbles Into a Convention of Pickpockets

480712 (218) Crooked Gamblers Invade a Local Carnival

480719 (223) A Hit and Run Death

480720 (224) Proving a Dead Man is Really Dead

480722 (226) A $10,000 Theft & a Face Immortalized In a Window

480723 (227) Uncle Merv's Radio Show

480726 (228) Jerry Pursues a Girl With a Gun on a Train

480727 (229) Trouble Shooter

480728 (230) Jerry Hunts Down a Dangerous KI'ller

480729 (231) Murder As Jerry Delivers a Lecture

480730 (232) A Man Is Convicted of KI'lling His Wife, But Is She Really Dead

480802 (233) Wealthy Stockbroker Is Found Murdered Several Times Over

480803 (234) A Lighthouse Goes Out and Causes a Ship To Run Aground

480804 (235) A Scrub Woman Receives Orchids From An Unknown Admirer (End Cut)

480805 (236) Jerry Is Challenged To Identify a Body (Beginning Cut)

480806 (237) Jerry Discovers a Message With Lipstick

480813 (242) Posing As a Fugitive From The Law

480816 (243) Jerry Suspects Arson & Murder at The ChantI'lly Paint Factory

480817 (244) A Case of Murder At Martini's Marionette Theater

480819 (246) Jerry Saves an Habitual Jaywalker in the No-Hit and Run Case

480820 (247) Jerry Recalls His Experience With 2 Perfect Murders

480823 (248) Jerry Serves as a Bodyguard to Daphne Springer

480824 (249) A Wire Recorder Helps Jerry Unravel a Case

480825 (250) Jerry Comes To The Aid of a Woman Who is Shot

480826 (251) Jerry Investigates Thefts of Egyptian Tablets and Pottery

480827 (252) A Bank Robbery Staged For a Movie Turns Into the Real Thing

480915 (265) Jerry Takes an Unexpected Trip To South America

480916 (266) A Pawnbroker Accepts a Man's Soul as Security For a Loan

480917 (267) Jerry Finds a Man Stabbed to Death In a Newsreel Theater

480920 (268) A Man That Jerry Sent to Prison Is Out For Revenge

480921 (269) Jerry Learns of a Jewel Thief In Traffic Court

480922 (270) Jerry Saves Vic Porter From a Shootout With The F.B.I.

480923 (271) Jerry Observes That Crimes of Hoodlums Run In Bunches

480924 (272) A Butler Hires Jerry to Find a Missing WI'll

480927 (273) Jerry Gets Involved With a Ghost Story

480928 (274) A Necklace Reported Stolen Has Really Been Sold

480929 (275) A Chemist Seeks Revenge on 3 Associates Who Framed Him

480930 (276) Jerry Helps Settle Claims on a 6 MI'llion Dollar Estate

481001 (277) A Banker is the Victim of a Swindle

481004 (278) A Man Wearing Sleigh Bells Hires Jerry To Go To The Antarctic

481005 (279) A New Wrinkle on the Old Skin Game, With ChinchI'lla Skins

481006 (280) Jerry Goes On a Treasure Hunt and Finds Real Treasure

481007 (281) A Look Through A Dime-A-Look Telescope Solves A Case

481008 (282) Mr. Mysto, The Memory Marvel, Loses His Memory

481011 (283) Man Possesses A Ring With Which He Can Wish People Dead

481012 (284) Jerry Saves a Blind Man From Being Hit By a Car

481013 (285) Case of a Man Who Tried to Refuse a MI'llion Dollars

481014 (286) Suicide on the Great Valley Railroad

481015 (287) Jerry Finds a Token Worth $5,000 In Cash

481018 (288) Jerry Helps a Blonde With a String of Pearls

481019 (289) Ticking Proves To Be the Sound of Death

481020 (290) A Possible Insurance Fraud Is a Case For Jerry

481021 (291) Jerry Finds a Clue In a Dead Man's Notebook

481022 (292) A Doctor's Life Is Threatened By a Serum Injection

481025 (293) Prize Fighter Hires Jerry To Cure Him of Superstitions

481026 (294) A Typewritten Note Provides a Clue To a Mysterious Death

481027 (295) Jerry Hunts For a Missing Collection of Shadows

481028 (296) Jerry Is Hired To Stage a Fake Robbery At a Society Party

481029 (297) Case of a Restaurant Owner Who Is Afraid of His Own Food

481101 (298) Jerry Investigates the Murder of a Trapeze Artist

481102 (299) Jerry Gets a Real Jewel of a Case

481103 (300) Slippery Clayton Was Easy To Catch, But Impossible To Keep

481104 (301) The Alleged Husband of a Recluse Turns Up At Her Death

481105 (302) A Case That Jerry Is Slugged Into Taking

481108 (303) Jerry Has a Client Who Mistrusts Everone, Including Jerry

481109 (304) A Man Believes He Is Slowly Shrinking Away (Beg. Cut)

481110 (305) Jerry Is Named Executor of a MI'llion Dollar Estate (Beg. Cut)

481111 (306) An Innocent Man Insists That He Is Guilty (Beg. Cut)

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