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Challenge of the Yukon Vol 1

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Track List (146 Episodes)

380210 Unknown Title #0002

380217 Unknown Title #0003

380224 Unknown Title #0004

420507 The Dawson Fire

430819 Caught By A Button

431028 The TellTale Bullet

431104 A Date To Remember

431111 Belated Revenge

431118 Return To The Crime

431125 King Spots Murder

431209 By Hook Or By Crook

431216 The Eleventh Hour

431223 Murder In ABC's

440106 Revenge In The Yukon

440113 Forgery And Murder

440127 Wolf Pack

440203 Cabin On The Trail

440210 Lady Luck Claim

440224 The Hannagan Brothers

440302 The Great Dog King

440309 The Vallera Diamond

440330 A Pack Of Bacon

440406 Edward Carson

440413 The Plaid Coat

440420 Belle Brady's Gesture

440427 Preston's Right Hand Man

440504 A Woman Scorned

440511 Outlaw Dog

440518 The Outlaw's Nemesis

440525 The Idol

440601 A Joke Led to the Gallows

440608 Reverend Jim

440622 Design For Murder

440629 The Duke Bows to a King

440706 Unscheduled Escape

440907 A FrameUp That Failed

440914 Death and the Flickering Eye

440921 A Masquerade

440928 Eyes For The Blind

441214 One Went to the Gallows

441221 How Connelly Paid the Law

441228 Preston's Dilemma

450104 Trap for a Mountie

450111 ManHunt

450118 Murder on the Trail

450206 An Unlucky Gambler

450306 Trail Scent

450313 The DogHead Nugget

450327 Landslide

450403 Blizzard In The Yukon

450424 Her Weight In Gold

450501 Spawn Of The North

450508 The Dog Team Race

450515 God Of The Mountain

450522 A Boy And A Dog

450529 Ambush

450605 Trap Robber

450612 Medicine Man

450619 Thunder

450626 Recovered Claim

450703 Old Tom

450710 The Brass Button

450717 Escape

450724 Skipper

450731 The Chase

450807 The Map

450814 Arctic Chase

450821 Maw Baker's Pies

450828 Magnamimous Ghost

450904 Bear Trap

450911 Alibi

450918 Big BI'll

450925 The Red Mitten

451002 Chechako

451009 The Black Bear

451016 Scorpion Sam's Gold

451023 Dynamite Provides

451030 The Trail

451106 The Last Laugh

451113 The Irish Wolf Hound

451120 Father Donovan

451127 Long Fall Canyon

451204 The Bonanza Belle

451211 The Dachshund

451218 Christmas Present

451229 New Year's Eve

460105 The Grave Robbers

460110 The Mail Team

460117 Preston Takes Over

460124 Jane Gets Her Man

460131 The Blind Man

460214 The Cure

460221 Mabel

460228 The Shamaness

460307 Mad Wolf

460314 The Bully

460321 Hold Up

460328 The Rivals

460411 Ned's Wife

460418 Rex

460425 Torn Parka

460502 Balmy BI'll

460509 Eskimo Justice

460523 Chap

460530 The Mitten

460606 Annie Jones

460613 The Great Dane

460620 How Preston Got King

460627 The Sharp Shooter

460711 Flash

460801 The Silver Fox

460815 The Mute Speaks

460822 Grizzly Martin

460829 Preston Goes To Jail

460912 The Epidemic

460919 Preston Sells King

460926 Blind Man's Claim

461003 The Wooden Case

461107 Trap In The Mountains

461114 The Choice

461121 The Cat Collar

461205 The Watch Dog

461212 The Dog Fight

461219 Christmas Present

461226 The Man Who Limped

470102 The False Beard

470109 Zeb

470116 The Black Dog

470123 A Question Of Ethics

470130 The Gold Fang

470204 Pet Bear

470220 The Red Parka

470306 The Coffin

470312 Sunshine Stones

470319 The Birthday Present

470402 The Dancing Bear

470409 The Story Of Big John

470416 The Torn Sleeve

470423 The Mad Trapper

470430 The Red Setter

470514 The Usurpers

470528 Lost Mitten

470612 The Wolf Cub

470619 Grizzly

470626 Pet Bear

470703 The Puppy

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