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Track List (50 Episodes)

Adventures Of Maisie(17 Chester Drake)

Adventures Of Maisie(19 Missing Heir)

Adventures Of Maisie(43 Money Sitter)

Adventures Of Maisie(69 Harry Adams)

Burns And Allen(421215 Herbert Marshall Swami)

Fred Allen(461030 With Bing Crosby)

Fred Allen(471026 What Kind Of Music Do Y)

Fred Allen(With Gregory Ratoff, George Je)

Fred Allen(With Lowell Thomas, Tony Marti)

Great Gildersleeve(420628 Wooing Amelia Hooker)

Great Gildersleeve(430207 Leila's Sister Visits)

Great Gildersleeve(430328 SpringtI'me In Summerfie)

Great Gildersleeve(430530 Gildy Makes A WI'll)

Jack Benny(360 Leaving For Yosemite)

Jack Benny(380 Jack Tells His Childhood S)

Jack Benny(382 Jack Tries To Trade In The)

Jack Benny(706 Jack Rides In A Yacht)

Jack Benny(717 I Was Betrayed)

Jack Benny(720 Allen's Alley Spoof)

Life Of Riley(461102 0129 Peg And Riley Bot)

Life Of Riley(470208 0143 Rileys Birthday F)

Life Of Riley(490325 Babs Runs For Ucla Pres)

Life Of Riley(491014 The Geiger Counter (in)

Lum & Abner(082 Beefing Up The Books - Inc)

Lum & Abner(093 Trip To Fort Smith)

Lum & Abner(098 Money Is The Root)

Lum & Abner(104 Cedrick's Lantern)

Lum & Abner(166 No Word From Elizebeth)

Lum & Abner(177 Who's Going To Care For Th)

Lum & Abner(242 A Horse Of A Different Col)

Lum & Abner(247 Writing The Magazine Artic)

Martin & Lewis(Urray)

Martin & Lewis(With Frances Langford)

Martin & Lewis(With Madeleine Carroll)

Mel Blanc Show(47.02.25 VaudevI'lle Team)

Mel Blanc Show(47.04.22 Literary Discussio)

Mel Blanc Show(47.05.06 Oil Stock)

Milton Berle(471028 (34) U S Navy)

Milton Berle(480413 (58) Health (last Show))

My Favorite Husband(481127 0020 Is There A Baby In)

My Favorite Husband(490204 0030 Speech For Civic G)

My Favorite Husband(Liz Has The FlI'mjabs)

My Favorite Husband(Liz Takes Singing Lessons)

My Favorite Husband(The Country Club Dance)

Our Miss Brooks(510325 Mr. Boyntons Lots)

Our Miss Brooks(Mr. Conklin Buys A New Car)

PhI'll Harris & Alice Faye(E12 Jessica You're Draggin You)

Son Of Cliché(NASA Earth Probe Message)

Son Of Cliché(Weird Magazines)

Town Hall Tonight(Next To The Last Show Of The S)

Creative Commons License What we are selling is the media and the time it takes us to put the shows on the disks. We do not claim to own the shows and believe them to be in the public domain. If you have proof that these broadcasts are not part of the public domain, please provide us with proof and we will remove them from our website. Thanks.
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CreateAll of our Old Time Radio programs are from our own private collection, and are considered to be in the public domain and have not been sold commercially as far as I know.

This is a service only and we are not actually selling the programs. We make no claim of ownership or copyright of the programs.