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Couple Next Door Vol 1

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Track List (147 Episodes)

001 New Year's Resolutions, Lost Car Keys

002 Betsy's Pushed by the Kendall Kids

003 Phone Call to Mexico City

004 Liability Insurance

005 Betsy Wants a Dog

006 Getting Ready to go to a Wedding

007 Home Movies

008 Paul Jr's Arithmetic

009 Garage Door

010 New Hat From Pierre's

011 Cake Recipe

012 Night in the Guest Room

013 Hot Water Heater

014 Feeling Tired

015 Flying to New York

017 Book Borrowing

018 Invitation

019 Over for Bridge

020 Telling Betsy About the Baby

021 Is the Couple in the Resturant Married

022 Betsy is Asked to Go to the Ballet

023 Splashed With Mud

024 The Family Reunion

025 The Ice Carnival

026 Lost Coat at Restaurant

027 The Jewelry Store Robbery

029 Betsy's Eating and Table Manners

030 Getting Rid of Things

031 House for Sale

032 To Sell or Not to Sell

033 Signing the Papers

034 Going Out for the Enening

035 Looking at Lakefront Property

036 Betsy Runs Away

037 Helping Mrs Haines

038 Meeting Mr Rogers

039 Waiting Outside Department Store

040 Problems With the Lake Property

041 Betsy Wants to be a Hollyhock

042 Taking Coat off Trick

043 Painting of Ancestor

044 Looking at Appartments

045 The Broken Dish

046 The Ant Farm

047 The Long Distance Call

048 Betsy the Model

049 The School Bus

050 The Driver's Test

051 Asking Betsy to Pose

052 The Pencil Sharpener

053 Negotiating the Price

054 The New Dress

055 Elsa and Hubby Drop in for a Visit

057 Contest for Trip to Hawaii

058 Second Thoughts About Betsy

059 The Dentist BI'll

060 The Claytons Come to See the House

061 The Deal Goes Through

062 Taking Betsy's Picture

063 A Noise in the Attic

064 The Green Dye

065 Driving Lessons

066 Colored Bathroom Fixtures

067 April Fool's Day

068 Chickens and Rabbits

069 Sick Rabbits

070 Church on Good Friday

071 The Truth About Betsy's Picture

073 The Old Chair

074 What's Wrong With Brownie

075 Father Knows Best

076 FI'lling Out Income Tax Forms

077 New Plans for Laundry Room

078 Betsy's Photo

079 Returning a Can Opener

080 Searching for Water

081 A Dollar From Aunt Effie

082 Brownie Brings Home a Turkey

083 The House Lacks Something 'Cute'

084 Herb's Wedding Invitation

085 Mr Wright, the Milkman

087 A Dress for the Wedding

088 Making May Naskets

089 Your Slip is Showing

090 Getting Dressed for the Wedding

091 Making a Salad

092 Bringing Mr Rogers Home for Dinner

093 Inheriting Money

094 Betsy Pays Off Her Debt

095 Pretending No One is Home

096 Packing for Trip to Boston

097 Getting Started for Boston

098 Driving To New York

099 Dinner With an Old Boyfriend

100 The Antique Spinning Wheel

101 A Tour of Boston

102 Another Tour of Boston

103 Visiting Aunt Effie's Old Friend

104 Visiting the House of Seven Gables

105 The WI'll is Read

106 Considering the Terms of the WI'll

107 Aunt Mary, Hannah and Uncle Edward Visit

108 Invited to Madge and Charlie's House

109 Mr Rogers Hears About Boston House

110 Painting the Lake Cottage

111 College Representative Comes to Call

112 Asking for the Baby Bed Back

113 Looking at Bids for the New House

114 Charlie's Dare to Swim Across the Lake

115 The Morning of the Swim

116 Meeting Mr Dibble, the Contractor

117 Betsy Invited to Margeret Cooper's to Play

118 Blasting Starts on the Property

119 Worring About Damages

120 Picking Up the Baby Bed

121 Hauling Dirt

122 Cows in Yard

123 48 Hours to Get Rid of the Cows

124 Charlie Helps With the Cows

125 Transplanting Trees

128 Foundation Trouble

143 British Thermal Units

145 Changing House Plans

167 Delay Because of Bird's Nest

168 Bad Publicity

169 Birds Find Nest

173 To Move in With Friends

175 Ann Told of the Move

186 Nowhere to Live

187 Nowhere to Store Furniture

188 Moving in With Charlie and Madge

189 Trying to Leave Gracefully

190 Late Dinner

191 Madge to Help Decorate

193 Mr Dibble's Mistakes Pointed Out

194 Moves in the Garage

204 Silver Bricked Up

207 Bargaining for Black Walnut

211 Light Fixture Problems

229 Choosing Paint Colors

230 Paint Color Selected

231 Painter Quits

232 Painting Party

233 Wallpaper Paste Eaten

237 Surprise Birthday Party

238 Aunt Effie's Present Arrives

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