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Detective Sampler

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Track List (50 Episodes)

Adventures Of Philip Marlowe((032)the Feminine Touch)

Adventures Of Philip Marlowe((037)the Pigeon_s Blood)

Adventures Of Philip Marlowe((046)the Lady KI'ller)

Black Museum(36 - The Sash Cord)

Black Museum(45 - The Tan Shoe)

Black Museum(50 - The Women's Pigskin Glove)

Black Museum(Gas Receipt)

Calliing All Cars(340103 Missing Mexican Sheiks)

Calliing All Cars(340110 Caliente Money Car Hold)

Calliing All Cars(340117 The Skeele Kidnapping)

Calliing All Cars(340124 Cure Of The Three Groov)

Calliing All Cars(340131 Castor Oil Diamond Robb)

Calliing All Cars(340207 The Smashed Windshield)

Calliing All Cars(340214 The TI'mes Bombing Case)

Calliing All Cars(340221 The Mae West Jewel Robb)

Casey CrI'me Photographer(470508 The Laughing KI'ller)

Casey CrI'me Photographer(470522 Pick-up)

Casey CrI'me Photographer(470703 Acquitted)

Casey CrI'me Photographer(470710 Lady KI'ller)

Casey CrI'me Photographer(470717 Self-made Hero)

Casey CrI'me Photographer(470724 Photo Of The Dead)

Cloak & Dagger(500827 (14) The Black Radio)

Cloak & Dagger(500915 (17) Seeds Of Doubt)

Cloak & Dagger(501022 (22) Windfall)

Elery Queen's Minute Mysteries(Canned Music)

Elery Queen's Minute Mysteries(SI'mple Slip)

Elery Queen's Minute Mysteries(Stamp Caper)

Elery Queen's Minute Mysteries(TI'me Bomb)

Man Called X(510331 The Blue Unicorn)

Man Called X(510421 Race Against Death)

Man Called X(510713 Flying Trip To Indonesi)

Police Quarters(008-life Insurance Scheme)

Police Quarters(012-mckenzie Death)

Police Quarters(015-telephone Suicide)

Richard Diamond(490716 The Man Who Hated Wome)

Richard Diamond(500115 Mr Victor's Daughter)

Richard Diamond(500305 Convict Louis Spence E)

Richard Diamond(500326 The Missing Negative)

Richard Diamond(500419 Messenger Service)

Sam Spade((112) Critical Author Caper)

Sam Spade((127) Quarter Eagle Caper)

Sam Spade((156) Apple Of Eve Caper)

Sam Spade((228) Prodigal Panda Cap)

Sherlock Holmes(45-12-24 Night Before Christma)

Sherlock Holmes(46-02-04 Mr Edwards)

Sherlock Holmes(47-12-21 Adventure Of Christma)

Sherlock Holmes(54-11-30 The Solitary Cyclist)

Spy Catcher(13 Game Set Match)

Spy Catcher(15 Logic And Lies)

Spy Catcher(17 Happy Landings)

Creative Commons License What we are selling is the media and the time it takes us to put the shows on the disks. We do not claim to own the shows and believe them to be in the public domain. If you have proof that these broadcasts are not part of the public domain, please provide us with proof and we will remove them from our website. Thanks.
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CreateAll of our Old Time Radio programs are from our own private collection, and are considered to be in the public domain and have not been sold commercially as far as I know.

This is a service only and we are not actually selling the programs. We make no claim of ownership or copyright of the programs.