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Fibber McGee and Molly Vol 1

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Track List (89 Episodes)

(0001) The Motorcycle Cop, the Judge and Fibber

(0003) Hotdogs and Blowouts

(0035) Christmas Shopping

(0047) Encyclopedia Salesman

(0054) Streetcar Motorman Mcgee(short)

(0056) The Haircut

(0113) Lost Engagement Ring, The

(0131) Molly Wants a New Car

(0146) McGee Minds a Baby

(0148) McGee Builds a Fireplace

(0181) Fibber is Arrested

(0185) Army Major McGee

(0189) The Missing Shirt Button

(0190) Army Major McGee

(0191) The Window Shades

(0192) Snowed In

(0193) Big Night at Rotawanna's Banquit

(0194) Swapping African Tales

(0195) Hamburger Joint

(0196) Gildersleeve's Memory Course

(0198) The Yacht

(0199) Antique Furniture Salesman

(0200) The Mailman

(0201) Molly Returns, The Budget

(0202) Bad Eyesight

(0205) Zither Lessons

(0206) Stork Replaces Parrot

(0207) Escaped Convicts

(0208) Gildersleeve's Diary

(0209) Advice Column

(0210) Toothache and Gildersleeve

(0212) First Show of '39-40' Season

(0213) 15th Wedding Anniversary

(0215) Fibber Is Too Sick For Housework

(0216) KI'ller Canova's Autograph

(0217) Rummage Sale Bazaar

(0218) Raking Leaves

(0219) Fibber McGee and Molly Gildy's Halloween Party

(0221) Reviving Hiawatha Play

(0222) Parking Ticket

(0223) Overdue Library Book

(0224) Finance Company Trouble

(0225) Merchandise Adjusters

(0226) Jewelry Store Robbery

(0228) Butler Gildersleeve

(0229) Fibber Builds a Doghouse

(0230) Borrowing Gildy's Suit

(0232) Gildersleeve Girdle Quiz Show

(0234) Fibber's Birthday

(0235) Egyption Good Luck Ring

(0237) Molly's ChinchI'lla Coat

(0238) Cleaning Fibber's Closet

(0239) Pal of Your Wife Week

(0240) Dog License

(0241) Property Line Dispute

(0243) Coming Home After Lux Performance

(0244) An Ink Stain on the Rug

(0245) I've Been Framed

(0246) McGee the Theatrical Director

(0247) Stuck in a Suit of Armor

(0248) Water Fight with Gildy

(0249) Minding the Hardware Store

(0250) Circus Comes to Town

(0251) Spaghetti Dinner

(0252) Wallpaper Hanging

(0253) McGee Models a Dress

(0254) Gildy Helps with Vacation Trunks

(0255) Home from Vacation

(0256) Fibber Quits Smoking

(0257) Fibber Needs A Screwdriver

(0259) Trip to a Football Game

(0260) McGee's Get Out the Vote

(0261) McGee's Black Eye

(0263) Uncle Dennis Visits

(0264) Five Tons of Coal

(0267) Gildersleeve's Phonograph

(0268) Fibber Finds a Watch

(0269) Seeks Change for $100 BI'll

(0273) Fibber Buys a New Suit

(0274) Fibber the Watch Salesman

(0275) Early To Bed

(0276) Bottle Collector

(0277) Fibber Throws a Party

(0278) Quarantined

(0279) McGee is Drafted

(0280) Fibber Changes His Name to Ronald

(0281) Missing Car Fender

(0282) Fibber Discovers a Comet

(0283) First Show with Wallace Wimple

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