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Fibber McGee and Molly Vol 3

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Track List (91 Episodes)

(0406) Old Muley Caught

(0407) Invasion of Europe

(0408) Fibber Puts Up Porch Sw

(0409) Going To A Ranch

(0410) Hip Boots

(0411) Maple Tree Syrup Experi

(0412) An Old $400 Debt Is Pai

(0414) Fibber Goes To Night Sc

(0415) McGee Breaks a Rib

(0416) Wimple-Physical Specialist

(0417) Putting Together Ironing Board

(0418) Cigarettes for Doc Gamble

(0419) Early Christmas Presents

(0420) Temper Out of Control

(0423) Fibber Needs Hot Water to Shampoo his Hair

(0424) McGee Has an Over Abundance of Energy

(0425) A Sailor Guests Overnit

(0426) Case Of The Cross-eyed

(0427)Fibber Tunes the Piano

(0429) Mcgee_s Join The Red Cr

(0430) Early 50th Anniversary

(0434) Fibber Becomes A Poet

(0435) Paper Boy

(0436) Bank Statement

(0437) Ride To The Elks

(0438) Briefcase Bronson

(0439) Housing Survey

(0440) The Auction

(0441) Seventh War Bond Drive

(0442) Power Lawn Mower

(0443) Mcgees Clean The Hall C

(0444) Mcgee_s Parlour Magic

(0445) Fibber_s Deal With Mr_

(0446) Mcgee_s Plan To Use Car

(0447) Mcgee Brings Home Mushr

(0448) Shopping For A New Car

(0449) Mcgee_s Get Mrs_ Carsta

(0450) Cousin Ernest_s Visit

(0451) Fibber Becomes A Sculpt

(0453) Fibber Teachs Molly How

(0454) Mcgee The Architect

(0455) Mcgee Calls In A Tree S

(0456) Mcgee Wants To Take A W

(0457) Fibber_s Bragging Gets

(0458) White Christmas Tree

(0459) Doc_s Gift To Mcgee

(0460) Elks Tall Story Contest

(0461) Fibber Enters Count The

(0462) Fibber Finds A Treasure

(0463) Pioneer Days In Wistful

(0464) Mcgee_s Are Having A Ca

(0465) Ice Skating

(0466) Mcgee_s Free Suit

(0467) Fibber And Doc Go Out T

(0468) Fibber Lost His Fountai

(0469) Mcgee_s Car Has Been St

(0470) Kite Building Contest

(0471) Fibber Is Red Cross Cha

(0472) Bullets Brannigan

(0473) Mcgee Invents Protect-o

(0475) Cousin Salvadore Fixs M

(0476) Fibber Buys Book On How

(0477) Mcgee Wants To Join Bar

(0478) Mcgee Finally Catchs Ol

(0479) Mcgee_s Political Campa

(0480) Fireball Mcgee

(0481) Fibber Forgets His Anni

(0482) Mcgee_s Attend An Air S

(0483) Planning A Fishing Trip

(0484) Doc Prescribes Placebos

(0485) The Bully

(0486) City Water

(0487) Mcgee_s Shop For New Sh

(0489) 60th Anniversary Of Joh

(0490) Ronald Coleman Coming T

(0491) Mcgee Devises Football

(0492) Stranger At Miss Tremay

(0493) Thinks Bank Account Can

(0496) Repairing Toys For Chri

(0502) Model Airplane, Surf No

(0503) Mcgees Collect Old Debt

(0505) Bad Mail Sevice

(0507) Meeting Someone On Rain

(0508) Home Power Plant

(0509) Safe Driving Campaign

(0510) Molly_s Twisted Ankle

(0511) 1880 Quarter

(0512) The Carnival

(0513) Thelma Graham Visits

(0514) Mcgee_s Grammer

(0515) Smuggled Irish Tweed

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