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Fibber McGee and Molly Vol 4

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Track List (90 Episodes)

(0516) Tax Assessor

(0518) Citizenship Test

(0520) Homer Vickery Pays A De

(0521) Football Game Anniversa

(0522) Cat Under The Porch

(0523) Late Car Payment

(0524) Big Deal At The Farm

(0525) Mcgee Gets Weighed

(0526) 16 Man Inflatable Life

(0527) Telephone Call

(0528) Mcgee Paints The Kitche

(0529) Duck Hunting

(0530) Gazette Interview

(0531) Making A Fruit Cake

(0532) Keys Lost in the Snow

(0533) Ten Dollar Gift Certificate

(0534) Magic Act

(0535) Cartable Radio

(0536) Molly's Pickles (Women's Bazaar)

(0537) Missing Laundry

(0538) McGee Makes a Lamp

(0539) Childhood Sled

(0540) Horatio Alger Books

(0541) Getting $7 Back

(0542) Jury Duty

(0543) Broken Card Table

(0544) Spearhead Commitee

(0547) Fixing Doc's Car

(0548) Fire Alarm Box

(0549) McGee Makes a Vase

(0550) Passenger Pidgeon Trap

(0551) Selling the House

(0552) Fibber and Doc Go Fishing

(0553) Baseball Cologne

(0554) Molly's Toothache

(0555) Fibber's Tune

(0562) Doc's Pheasants

(0563) Street Light Out

(0566) Taking Packages to the Post

(0570) Money in a Shoebox

(0574) Women Drivers

(0575) Truth on Washington's Birthday

(0576) Car Left in Front of House

(0578) Doc Gamble Day

(0579) Fibber Models a Dress for Molly

(0580) 1000 Pound Inheritance

(0581) Krammer's Cash Register

(0583) New Firetruck

(0584) Improving Housework Efficiency

(0585) Do a Good Turn McGee

(0586) McGee's New Pipe

(0589) Canoe Ride

(0590) 15th Anniversary Program

(0591) Big Fish Feed

(0592) Umbrella Stand

(0593) Making Cloth from Paper

(0594) Community Chest Bazaar

(0595) Concert Tickets

(0597) Fixing the Cuckoo Clock

(0598) Stuck in Grating

(0599) Tax bI'll - Thanksgiving

(0600) Bargain Inner Tube

(0601) Making Christmas Cards

(0602) Man of the Year Swindle

(0603) Best Christmas Decorations

(0604) Trip to Rich Aunt Sarah's

(0605) At Aunt Sarah's

(0606) Running Walt's Malt Shop

(0607) Cutting Fire Wood

(0608) McGee Buys a Suit

(0609) The Sleigh Ride

(0610) Molly Runs for City Council

(0611) Missing Radium

(0612) Dog Bites Mailman

(0613) La Trivia's Party

(0614) Ole is Kidnapped

(0615) Countess of Chumley

(0616) Trimming the Shade Tree

(0617) Flying Saucers

(0618) McGee, the Census Taker

(0619) Running the General Store

(0620) Manhole Cover

(0621) Elks Club Dance

(0623) Circus Day

(0624) Picnic in the Orchard

(0625) Ranch Forman

(0626) Chicken Bar-B-Q

(0627) Night School

(0628) McGee's Stomach Ache

(0629) Wallet Setup

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