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Frank Merriwell

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Track List (39 Episodes)

330807 (xxx) Frank Confesses In the Dark

461005 (001) The Riddle of the Wrong Answers

461019 (003) The Clue of the Numbers

470315 (024) The Big Top Adventure

480515 (085) Ballot Box Mystery

480522 (086) Mystery of the Iron Door

480529 (087) The Missing Mascot

480605 (088) The Stolen Masterpiece

480612 (089) Tap Day

480619 (090) The Thunderstorm Mystery

480626 (091) The Unreasonable Aunt

480703 (092) The Unwelcome Rescue

480724 (095) Sold at Auction

480731 (096) The Secret of the Old Mill

480904 (101) Magic Lantern Mystery

480911 (102) The Live Ghost

480925 (104) The Professor's Decision

481002 (105) The Ransomed Football

481009 (106) The Yale Bulldog

481023 (108) Mystery of the Missing Records

481106 (110) The Doubtful Alibi

481113 (111) The Front Page Story

481120 (112) The Senior Dinner

481127 (113) The Surprise Play

481204 (114) The Duplicate Dean

481211 (115) The Bench Warmer

481218 (116) The Quarantine

490108 (118) Gold Fever

490115 (119) Snow Trap

490129 (121) Green Hill

490226 (123) Unexpected Game

490305 (124) Championship Game

490312 (125) Danger in the River

490319 (126) Boomarang Pitch

490402 (128) April Shower

490416 (130) Urgent Errand

490507 (133) The Sawdust Adventure

490528 (136) Frank Merriwell's Promise

490604 (137) Mystery Man

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