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Fred Allen Vol 2

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Track List (76 Episodes)

1940 Fred Allen Interviews Superman Writer Jerry Siegel

371222 Santa Claus Sits Down W Jack Benny

391011 Bert-Lahr-Satire on Surveys

391025 Guest BI'lly Rose

391108 The Doughnut Master

400131 Joe Louis

400320 eagle escapes into audience

400327 Guest T Hee-Reaction to eagle escape

400508 Jack Boyle-HI'llbilly Court

410122 Sand Hog-James Gallagher

410205 June Brady-Major Bowes Amateur

410212 Chief Nee Da Beh-Indian Guide

410219 Lindy Lindemann-Restauranteur

410305 Little Red Riding Hood

410312 Philanda Blank

410319 Nicotine Alley

410326 The Wedlock Society

410402 One Long Pan-Charlie Chan's murder

410416 Richard Kroener Gargantua's Keeper

410423 The Great American Pastime

411210 Texaco Star Theater

420628 Judy Canova-Last Show of Season

421018 Guest Star Is Orson Welles Afrs

421101 Robert Benchley, Trouble Listening T

421115 Gracie Fields, American Radio In Bri

421129 Adolph Menjou, New Suit

430103 Peter Lorre, One Long Pan Vs Mr Moto

430131 Oscar Levant

430404 Jimmy Durante Looking For Umbriago

430516 Frank Sinatra, 'chile'

430523 George Jessel, Writing Fred's Biogra

431212 Lauritz Melchior, Getting A Radio Jo

431231 Radio Hall Of Fame, New Years With Fred Allen

440102 Albert Spaulding, HI'llbilly Band

440109 Ed Gardner, Hit By A Beer Barrel

440319 Ted Lewis, The Life Of Ted Lewis

440326 Ed Gardner, Buying A Bottle Of Liquo

440402 Jack Haley, Radio Vs Tv

440409 Reginald Gardiner, Fetlock Bones

440611 Deems Taylor, South Dakota

450111 Monte Wooley, Charlie The Chicken

451021 Frank Sinatra, Sued By Charlie Mccar

451028 Charlie Mccarthy, Trial Of The Centu

451118 Boris Karloff, Renting A Room

451125 Leo Durocher, 'brooklyn Pinafore'

460106 Take It Or Leave It With Phil Baker

460203 Bea LI'lly 'picadilly'

460224 Arthur Treacher, HI'llbilly Sketch

460411 Guest Basil Rathbone

460416 Leo Durocher 'Brooklyn Pinafore'

460428 Bert Lahr Reading A Racing Form

460526 King For A Day w_Jack Benny

461027 Tallulah Bankhead Breakfast Show S

461027 Tallulah Bankhead, Breakfast Show S

470323 Guest Rodgers & Hammerstein

470525 Rudy Vallee & Megaphone

471214 George Jessel, Booking A New Year's

471228 Monty Wooley, Returning A Clock

480104 James Mason, 1st Show For Ford

480328 James & Pamela Mason, Morning Couple

480418 Guest James Farley

480425 Leo Durocher

480502 Henry Morgan

480509 Don McneI'll, Break The Contestant

480606 Jack Eigan, What's Wrong With Radio

480615 With Ozzie & Harriet

481111 Sam Shovel w_ Arthur Treacher

481128 With George Jessel

481205 Henry Morgan, Radio Vs Tv

490109 H Allen Smith, Literary Panel

490130 Rudy Vallee, Fred Gets Rudy Into Tv

490424 Basil Rathbone, One Long Pan

490522 Col Stoopnagle, Babysitting

490626 Last Show W_ Jack Benny & Henry Morg

Fred Allen Biography Pt 1

Fred Allen Biography Pt 2

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