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Great Gildersleeve Vol 1

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Track List (94 Episodes)

410516 Audition Program

410831 Arrives In Summerfield

410907 Marjories Cake

410914 Leroy's Paper Route

410921 Marjorie's Girlfriend Visits

410928 Hiccups

411005 Investigating the City Jail

411019 School Pranks

411026 Visit from Oliver

411102 Minding the Baby

411109 Birdie Quits

411116 Serviceman for Thanksgiving

411123 Leroy Smokes a Cigar

411130 Canary Won't Sing

411207 Cousin Octavia Visits

411214 Iron Reindeer

411221 Christmas Gift for Mcgee

411228 Leroy's Big Dog

420104 Gildy's Diet

420111 Arrested As a Car Thief

420118 A New Bed for Marjorie

420125 The Matchmaker

420201 Leroy Runs Away

420208 Auto Mechanics

420222 Selling the Drug Store

420301 The Fortune Teller

420315 Ten Best Dressed

420322 New Neighbors

420329 Letters to Servicemen

420419 Leroy Sells Seeds

420426 Gildys Goat Horace

420503 Liberty Ship Christening

420510 Mystery Singer

420517 The Manganese Mine

420531 Testimonial Dinner for Judge

420607 The Sneezes

420614 Summer Theater

420621 Fathers Day Chair

420628 Wooing Amelia Hooker

420830 Fishing Trip

420906 The Golf Tournament

421004 Planting a Tree

421011 The First Cold Snap

421018 Appointed Water Commissioner

421025 First Day on the Job

421101 A Pal to Leroy

421108 Quiet Evening at Home

421115 College Chums Son Visits

421122 Thanksgiving, B Ration Book

421129 Date with a Star

421206 Toothache

421220 Christmas

421227 Leroy Makes Nitro

430103 Engaged

430110 McGees Visit

430117 Women's Club Speaker

430124 Sabotage

430131 Fire Engine Committee

430207 Leila's Sister Visits

430314 Income Tax Time

430328 Springtime in Summerfield

430404 Gildy Repairs His Car

430411 Car Wreck with Hooker

430418 Nature Hike

430425 Easter Rabbits

430509 Wedding Guest List

430516 House Hunting

430523 Leroy's Job

430530 Gildy Makes a WI'll

430606 Wedding Shower for Leila

430613 Honeymoon Preparations

430627 Gildy's Wedding

430829 Vacation at Grass Lake

430912 War Bond Drive

430919 Preparing for Leila's Return

431114 Gildy Rebuffed by Eve

4311XX Royal Visit

440109 Gildy Hospitalized

440116 Income Tax Forms Arrive

440123 Does Leroy Need a Mother

440130 Marjorie the Actress

440206 Sleigh Ride

440319 Gildy to Run for Mayor

440409 Shady Political Supporter

440430 Gildy Engaged to Eve

440507 The Campaign Heats Up

440514 Who's Kissing Leila

440521 City Employee's Picnic

440528 Gildy's Campaign HQ

440604 Eve's Mother Arrives

440611 Dinner for Eve's Mother

440618 Eve's Mother Stays On

440625 Election Day

440910 The Rainmaker

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