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Great Gildersleeve Vol 2

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Track List (95 Episodes)

440917 Mcgee's Invention

440924 The Banker's Son

441001 The House Is Sold

441008 The Jolly Boys Club Is Formed

441015 Job Hunting

441022 A Job Contact

441029 The New Water Commissioner

441105 Election Day Bet

441112 Spanish Dancing Teacher

441119 Reception for Miss Del Rey

441126 Reception Aftermath

441203 A Date with Miss Del Rey

441210 Breach of Promise

441217 Dodging a Process Server

441224 Christmas Eve Program

441231 New Year's Eve

450114 Engagement Defense

450121 The Hockey Player

450204 Visit by Aunt Hattie

450218 Aunt Hattie Stays On

450225 Audience Warmup

450225 Hattie and Hooker

450311 Chairman of Women's Committee

450318 Laughing Coyote Ranch

450325 Old Flame Violet

450401 Raising a Pig

450408 Leroy's Pet Pig

450422 Leila's Party

450429 New Neighbor Rumson Bullard

450506 Marjorie's Boy Troubles

450513 Meet Craig Bullard

450520 Investing a Windfall

450527 Labor Trouble

450603 New Secretary

450610 An Evening with a Good Book

450617 Marshal Bullard's Party

450902 Labor Day at Grass Lake

450909 Leroy's New Teacher

450916 Leroy Suspended from School

450923 Leila Returns Home

450930 Marjorie the Ballerina

451007 Raking Leaves

451014 Leroy Breaks a Vase

451021 Lightfoot Visits Leila

451028 Rumor Mrs Peavey Is I'll

451104 Helping Leroy with Homework

451111 Teaching Marjorie Homemaking

451118 Jolly Boys Have A Falling Out

451125 The Football Game

451202 Gildy Sponsors the Opera

451209 Opera Committee Chairman

451216 A Night at the Opera

451223 Christmas at Home

451230 New Year's Eve at Home

460106 Ben Returns from the Navy

460113 Ben Sells Life Insurance

460120 The Palm Reader

460127 Facing Old Age

460203 Gildy the Diplomat

460210 Gildy's New Car

460217 Leroy Has the Flu

460224 Gildy Needs a Hobby

460303 State Water Inspector

460310 Marjorie's Dance Date

460317 Leroy Arrested

460324 Gildy Traces Geneology

460331 Doomsday Picnic

460407 Anual Estate Report Due

460414 The Bank Robber

460421 The Petition

460428 Leroy's Horse

460505 Gildy Is In a Rut

46-05-12 Great Gildersleeve Leila's New Boy Friend

460519 Leroy Goes to a Party

460526 FlashbackGildy Meets Leila

460602 FlashbackGildy Plays Cyrano

460609 FlashbackJolly Boys Fourth o

460918 Gildy Turns Off the Water

460925 Leila Engaged

461002 Leila's Wedding Invitations

461009 Leila Leaves Town

461016 Gildy Investigates Retirement

461023 Gildy Needs a Raise

461030 Gildy is Real Estate AgentHo

461106 Pajama PartyMarjorie Plans E

461113 Gildy Sees a Pretty Lady

461120 Gildy Improves Leroy's Studies

461127 Birdie Goes on Vacation

461211 Leroy Afraid of a Bully

461218 Leroy Wants a Motor Scooter

461225 Christmas Caroling at Home

470101 New Year's Costume Ball

470108 Leila Back for a Visit

470115 Jolly Boys Sleigh Ride

470122 Dancing School

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