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Great Gildersleeve Vol 3

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Track List (95 Episodes)

470129 Marjorie's Hotrod Boyfriend

470205 Magazine Salesman

470212 Gildy the Executive

470219 Substitute Secretary

470226 Gildy Tries to Fire Bessie

470305 The Crooner

470312 Leroy Arrested

470319 Gildy Guards Cash

470326 New Piano Teacher

470402 An Evening with Miss Piper

470409 Bird Watchers

470416 The Whole Town Is Talking

470423 Leilas Party for Joanne

470430 Great Tchaikovsky Love Story

470507 Craig's Birthday Party

470514 Peavey Missing

470521 Teacher Problems

470528 Gildy Gives Up Cigars

470604 Income Tax Audit

470910 Gildy the Rat

470917 We Systematize

470924 The Rival

471001 Gildy Floats a Loan

471008 Gildy's New Flame

471015 Marjorie's Babysitting Assignment

471022 Congressman Gildersleeve

471029 Halloween Party

471105 Hayride

471112 A Coat for Marjorie

471119 Leroy's School Play

471126 Tom Sawyer Raft

471203 Fiscal Report Due

471210 Christmas Shopping

471217 Gildy Accused of Loafing

471224 Christmas Stray Puppy

471231 New Year's Eve Parties

480107 Ann Tuttle Back In Town

480114 Encouraging Romance

480121 School Board Election

480128 Gildy Gets License Plates

480204 Acting Mayor

480211 Gildy Gets Eyeglasses

480218 Adeline Fairchild Arrives

480225 Be Kind to Birdie

480303 Shy Leroy

480310 Gildy Considers Marriage

480317 The Duel

480324 Jolly Boys Invaded

480331 Marjorie's Teacher

480407 The Baseball Field

480414 Gildy's Radio Broadcast

480421 Gildy's New Secretary

480428 Anniversary Dinner

480505 Fish Fry

480512 Gildy Stays Home Sick

480519 The Green Thumb Club

480526 Gildy Drives a Mercedes

480602 Gildy Is Fired

480908 Mystery Baby

480915 Taking Care of Baby

480922 Leroy Jealous of Baby

480929 Name the Baby Contest

481006 The Welfare Investigator

481013 Visit by Aunt Hattie

481020 Adopting the Baby

481027 Gildy Proposes to Adeline

481103 Secret Engagement

481110 Leila Is Back In Town

481117 Engaged to Two Women

481124 The Helicopter Ride

481201 Leroy Sells Papers

481208 Disappearing Christmas Gifts

481215 Economy This Christmas

481222 Family Christmas

481229 Wedding Imminent

490105 Gildy the Author

490112 Good Neighbor Policy

490119 Leroy's Toothache

490126 New Man In Water Department

490202 Adeline's Hat Shop

490209 The Grand Opening

490216 Leila Returns

490223 Gildy the Opera Star

490302 Leroy Meets Brenda

490309 Summerfield1903

490316 Leroy Has Competition

490323 Gildys New Secretary

490330 Acting Police Commissioner

490406 Birthday Party Confflicts

490413 The Circus

490420 The Haunted House

490427 The Burglar

490504 Mystery Girl On the Bus

490511 Gildy's MI'llionaire Friend

490518 Marjorie's Invitation.

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