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Great Gildersleeve Vol 5

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Track List (100 Episodes)

0102 Gildy Gets a Raise

0106 Gildy Meets Irene's Father

0107 Leila Comes Back to Town

0109 Gildy Disappears

0113 In the DogHouse With Irene

0114 Gildy VS Sidney

0116 Gildy Recovers

0120 Leroy Meets Wendy

0121 Cousin Bert Sends Leroy a Great Dane

0123 Gildy Miss Winthrop Are Alone

0127 Gildy & Bronco Have a Fight

0128 Grace Vies for Gildy s Attention

0130 Mort Meets Mona

0203 A Lesson in Puppy Love

0204 Rivals Leila Grace Meet At Peavy s

0210 Judge Hooker's Annual Dinner

0211 Conflicting Engagements

0213 Marjorie s Ring

0217 Gildy Becomes a Politician

0218 Gildy in Trouble With Leila Grace

0220 Efficiency Expert

0224 Peavy Is ReElected

0225 Gildy s Great Dane Causes Trouble

0227 Leroy Gets Independence

0303 Paula Returns

0304 Gildy Gets Help At Office

0305 Bullard Visits Gildy

0307 Gildy Causes Water to be Shut Off

0310 Leroy Thinks Gildy Is OldFashioned

0312 Trip to Omaha

0317 Gildy Meets Marie Olson

0318 Jam Session

0319 Gildy Plants a Garden

0324 Gildy Enters a Hobby Show

0325 Rummage Sale

0331 Gildy Has Trouble With Marie

0401 Sunrise Easter Service

0402 Sarah Cosgrove MixUp

0407 Marie Teaches Bronco French

0408 Leroy Has Trouble With Mayor s Son

0409 Easter Show

0411 Leroy Moves Out To Marjorie s

0414 Bronco's Boss Dates Marie

0421 Marie Has Designs on Gildy

0428 Gildy Meets Thelma Scott

0512 Doctor Olsen Leaving

0519 Gildy Runs For Sheriff

0526 Aunt Hattie Visits

0602 Aunt Hattie Returns Home

0701 Gildy & Leroy Double Date

0715 Gildy Buys a Paint Sprayer

0722 Mae Kelly Gets Engaged

0729 Leroy Goes To Aunt Hattie's

0730 Bronco the Broker

0805 Gildy Gets Fired

0806 Leroy Behaves Too Good

0812 The Cabin on the Lake

0813 Gildy Diets Again

0819 The Fishing Trip

0826 One Must Fare for One's Self

0827 Cousin Emily Visits

0902 Leroy Meets Josephine McCoy

0903 Geting Leroy from Cousin Emily

0905 Teaching Leroy to Drive

0909 Ronny Visits Gildy

0910 Gildy Cleans Bullard's House

0912 Gildy & Bullard Fighting Again

0916 A Cake for the Fair

0917 Leroy Gets His Driver's License

0919 Gildy Is Falling for Bullard's

0923 Gildy Babysits

0924 Peavy & Judge Hooker Fued

0926 Marjorie Has Job in Gildy's Office

0930 Gildy is on School Board

1001 Gildy Fights Inflation

1003 Jolly Boys Presidential Election

1007 Gildy the Barber

1008 Women Problems

1010 Leroy Stays At Judge Hooker's House

1014 Trouble With Leroy's Teacher

1017 Bronco Almost Forgets Date With

1020 Floyd's Inheritance

1021 Leroy the Electrical Wizard

1022 Gildy the Athlete

1022 Leroy's New Watch

1024 Gildy, Mrs Winthrop & Bessio go

1025 Mousetrap Recreation

1028 Gildy Gets a Subpoena

1031 Gildy Finds a Lost Boy

1104 Gildy Is At the Altar Again

1105 Gildy VS Golf

1107 Marjorie & Bronco Buy a Lot for

1111 Is Leroy Getting too Old for Gildy

1112 Problems With Leroy's Teacher

1114 Problems Removing an Oak Tree

1118 Gildy the Athelete

1118 Leroy's Gift

1121 Inviting Thanksgiving Dinner Guests

1125 Dinner with Peavy

1126 Miss Grace Tuttle & Bird Watching

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