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Track List (125 Episodes)

001 Henry Morgan

002 Gladys Swarthout

003 Phil Baker

004 Helen Traubel

005 Abbot And Costello

006 Alec Templeton

009 JI'mmy Durante

011 Beatrice Kay

012 Bob Hope And Bing Crosby

015 Jinx Falkenburg

016 Red Skelton

019 Ethel Waters

020 Ozzie And Harriet

021 Mazie Green

022 Mary Martin

023 James Stewart

024 Lena Horne

027 Barry Wood

028 The Breakfast Club

029 Private Lives

030 Robert Weede

031 The Andrew Sisters

032 Milton Berle

033 Ginny SI'mms

034 Sir Cedric Hardwicke

035 Rise Stevens

036 Vic Damone

037 Susan Reed

038 Adream Come True

039 Greer Garson

040 Frank Sinatra

041 Maxine Sullivan

042 Jean Sablon

043 All That Money Can Buy

044 Doris Day

045 My Country

046 Buddy Clark

047 The Prescription

048 Abe Burrows

049 Johnny Guamieri

050 Page Cavanaugh Trio

051 Fred Waring And Pennsylvanians

052 King Cole Trio

053 Press Agent

054 Perry Como

059 Burns And Allen

060 Fanny Brice

061 The Great Gildersleeve

062 Jo Stafford

063 One Man's Family

064 Eddie Cantor

065 Fibber Mcgee And Molly

066 Truth Or Consequences

073 Dorthy Lamour

074 Kay Armen

079 Edward Everett Horton

080 Dick Haymes

081 Alec Templeton

082 Peggy Lee

083 You Can't Tell About Love

084 Frances Langford

087 Andy Russell

088 When In Rome

097 Jack Smith

098 Beauty And The Butler

099 No Redheads Allowed

100 The Pied Pipers

101 The Gift Of Life

102 Husband Sitter

104 Anything UnlI'mited

117 Bob Crosby

118 Perry Como

1947-06-22 010 Fibber & Molly

1948-06-20 065 Fibber & Molly

231 Nat King Cole

234 Peggy Lee

249 Rosemary Clooney

250 Ink Spots

277 Judy Garland

278 Jeff Chandler

281 The Pledge

282 The WI'll Herthtrio

285 Margret Whiting

286 The Judge

293 Hoagy Carmichael

294 Barbara Luddy Olan Soulé

295 Nat King Cole

297 Igor Gobin

298 The Blue Amulet

303 Romance

304 Dick Haymes

305 Jo Stafford

313 Dennis Day

314 Machine Number 9

317 Gene Autry

318 The Headliner

321 Hildegarde

322 The Milk Run

325 Kay Starr

326 By Mere Coincidence

329 The Easychair

330 Connie Haines

331 Joni James

332 Fear

335 Hayes Vs.hayes

336 John Conte

359 Lionel Barrymore

360 Peggy Lee

367 Self Made Man

368 Sons Of The Pioneers

377 Check And Double Check

378 Robert MerrI'll

399 Gene Autry

400 Peter Lind Hayes Mary Healy

405 Edward G. Robinson

406 Ella Logan

445 Johnny Desmond

446 Eddie Cantor

533 Sauter Finnigan Orchestra

534 The Andrew Sisters

Al Jolson

Louis Armstrong

Spare Ribs And Sawdust

With Red Buttons

With Vaughn Monroe

Creative Commons License What we are selling is the media and the time it takes us to put the shows on the disks. We do not claim to own the shows and believe them to be in the public domain. If you have proof that these broadcasts are not part of the public domain, please provide us with proof and we will remove them from our website. Thanks.
These CD's are NOT PLAYABLE is a Standard Audio CD Player!!! All CD's contain mp3 files and are playable on any PC with an MP3 player.  The Windows Media Player is included on each CD.  Right now, payment must be by either check or PayPal. To order by Check,
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CreateAll of our Old Time Radio programs are from our own private collection, and are considered to be in the public domain and have not been sold commercially as far as I know.

This is a service only and we are not actually selling the programs. We make no claim of ownership or copyright of the programs.