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Gunsmoke Volume 5

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Track List (72 Episodes)

570519 One Night Stand

570526 Pal

570602 Ben Tolliver's Stud

570804 Big Hands

570818 The Pe

570825 Grass

570901 Jobe's Son

570908 Looney Mccluny

570915 Child Labor

570929 Another Man's Poison

571006 The Rooks

571013 The Margin

571020 Professor Lutebone

571027 Man And Boy

571103 The Bull

571110 Gun Shy

571124 Odd Man Out

571201 Judd's Woman

571208 As Long As I Live

571215 Ugly

580112 Second Son

580223 Surgery

580427 The Squaw

580511 Little Bird

580608 Hot Horse Hyatt

580615 The Old Flame

580622 Target

580706 Chester's Choice

580713 The Proving Kid

580810 A House Ain't A Home

580817 The Piano

580831 I Thee Wed

580921 Kitty's Rebellion

581005 Tag You're It

581012 Doc's Showdown

581026 The Tragedian

581102 The Old Man's Gold

581109 Target Chester

581123 The Correspondent

590118 The Kangaroo

590208 Groat's Grudge

590215 Body Snatch

590222 The Search

590301 Big Tom

590308 Man Hawkins

590315 Incident At Indian Ford

590322 Laurie's Suitor

590405 Trapper's Revenge

590412 Chester's Mistake

590419 The 3rd Son

590426 The Badge

590503 The Unwanted Deputy

590510 Dowager's Visit

590517 The Scared Boy

590524 The Wagon Show

590531 The Deserter

590607 Doc's Indians

590705 Emma's Departure

590712 A Friend's Payoff

590719 Second Arrest

590726 Old Beller

590802 Ball Nine Take Your Base

590816 Pokey Pete

590830 Shooting Stop Over

590906 Matt's Decision

590927 Personal Justice

591011 Kitty's Quandary

591025 Old Gunfighter

591122 A Hard Lesson

591206 Big Chugg Wilson

600110 Luke's Law

600117 Fiery Arrest

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