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Hancocks Half Hour

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Track List (47 Episodes)

541102 The First Night Party

541116 The Idol

541207 The New Car

550104 Cinderella Hancock

550111 A Trip to France

550118 The Monte Carlo Rally

550125 A House on the Cliff

550614 The Television Set

550628 The Marrow Contest

551026 The Jewel Robbery

551102 The Bequest

551207 The Diet

560111 Hancocks Hair

560118 The Student Prince

560222 The Conjurer

561014 Back From Holiday

561028 Sid James' Dad

561104 The Income Tax Demand

561118 Michelangelo Hancock

561202 Cyrano de Hancock

561216 The Espresso Bar

561223 Hancocks Happy Christmas

561230 The Diary

570106 The 13th of The Series

570113 Almost A Gentleman

570120 The Old School ReUnion

570127 The Wild Man Of The Woods

570203 Agricultural Ancock

570210 Hancock In The Police

570217 The Emigrant

570224 The Last of the MacHancocks

580128 The Scandal Magazine

580318 The Americans Hit Town

580429 The Grappling Game

580513 Hancocks War

580527 The Threatening Letters

580603 The Sleepless Night

580808 The East Cheam Drama Festival

581225 BI'll and Father Christmas

590225 The Unexploded Bomb

591015 Hancock in Hospital

591103 The Elopement

591108 The Poetry Society

591110 Freds Pie Stall

591124 Sid's Mystery Tours

591222 The Christmas Club

591229 The Impersonator

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