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Inner Sanctum Vol 3

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Track List (61 Episodes)

222 420807 Ned Sparks

223 420814 Dr Mildred McCaulfie

224 420821 Raymond Clapper, Leon Henderson

381 480726 Murder Takes a Honeymoon

383 480809 House of Doom

387 480906 Death Rides a Riptide

389 480920 Hangman's Island

392 481018 Death of a Doll

396 481115 Death Watch in Boston

399 481206 Cause of Death

400 481213 Murder Faces East

401 481220 Between Two Worlds

403 490103 Fearful Voyage

404 490110 Murder Comes to Life

405 490117 Mark My Grave

406 490124 The Deadly Dummy

407 490131 The Devil's Fortune

408 490207 Death Demon

409 490214 Birdsong for a Murderer

410 490221 Flame of Death

414 490321 Only the Dead Die Twice

415 490328 Appointment with Death

416 490404 Death Wears a Lonely Smile

417 490411 Murder off the Record

418 490418 The Death Deal

421 490509 Corpse on the Town

422 490516 The Unburied Dead

423 490523 Strange Passenger

425 490606 Death on the Highway

427 490620 Corpse Without a Conscience

429 490704 Pattern for Fear

431 490718 Deadly Fare

435 490815 Dead Heat

436 490822 Mind over Murder

437 490829 Death's Little Brother

438 490905 Murder Rides the Carousel

439 490912 The Vengeful Corpse

490925 The Lonely Sleep

491003 Catch A KI'ller

491010 The Devil's Workshop (1)

491024 Night Is My Shroud

491031 A Corpse For Halloween

491114 Wish To KI'll

491219 Beyond The Grave

500109 KI'ller At Large

500327 Murder Mansion

500417 Beneficiary -- Death

501204 Beyond The Grave

520622 Birdsong For A Murderer

520629 Terror By Night (1)

520706 Death Pays The Freight

520713 Death For Sale (1)

520720 The Listener

520727 The Murder Prophet

520803 Murder Off The Record (1)

520810 The Magic Tile

520824 No Rest For The Dead (1)

520907 The Meek Die Slowly

520914 TI'll Death Do Us Part

520921 The Corpse Nobody Loved (1)

520928 The Dead Walk At Night

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