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Jack Benny Volume 2

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Track List (91 Episodes)

310 Jack Tries To Steal Phil's Girl

311 Too Hot To Handle

312 Flash Benny, Football Coach

313 Murder At The Movies

314 Christmas Shopping In New York

315 Returning To Hollywood

316 Jack's Christmas Open House

317 Goodbye 1938, Hello 1939

318 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

319 Jack's Screen Guild Theater Performance

320 Jack Tells How He Saved Fred Allen's Life

321 Jack Goes Into Training For Fight With Fred Allen

322 Jack Challenges Fred Allen To A Boxing Match

323 Love Finds Annie Hardy

324 Carmichael, The Polar Bear

325 Jesse James Part One

326 Jesse James Part Two

327 Carmichael Is Sick

328 Jack Has A Cold

329 Guest Ed Sullivan

330 April Fool's Gags

331 Four Girls In White

332 Phil Shoots The Movie 'Man About Town' Behind Jack's Back

333 Guests Binnie Barns And Mark Sandrich

334 Jack's 7th Anniversary On The Radio

335 Kentucky Derby Bet

336 Gunga Din

337 More Gunga Din

338 Alexander Graham Bell

339 Hound Of The BaskervI'lles Preview

340 Hound Of The BaskervI'lles

341 Father's Day Show

342 From Waukegan, I'llinois

343 Introducing Dennis Day

344 Dennis' Mother Interferes With The Show

345 Stanley And Livingstone

346 Masquerade Party

347 The Women

348 Jack Has A Toothache

349 Jack Discovers He Bought An Ostrich For Thanksgiving Dinner

350 Jack Goes Duck Hunting

351 Murder On The Gridiron Part One

352 Murder On The Gridiron Part Two

353 Christmas Shopping For Perfume And A Necktie

354 Christmas Open House At Jack's

355 Gladys Zybisco Disappoints Jack On New Year's Eve

356 Golden Boy

357 Intermezzo

360 Leaving For Yosemite

361 Arriving At Yosemite

362 Skiing At Yosemite

363 Birthday Party For Jack Who's Recovering From A Skiing

364 Gracie Allen For President

365 Mr Benny Goes To Washington

366 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

367 Trailer On Pinocchio

368 Pinocchio

369 Jack Revives Buck Benny After Three Years

370 Preparing To Go To New York By Train

372 Buck Benny At The Paramount Theater

373 Clown Hall Tonight

374 Returns On A TWA Plane

375 Northwest Passage

376 Formal Dinner For The Sponser Without Jell-O For Dessert

377 HI'llybilly Feud

378 Vacation Plans

379 Father's Day

380 Jack Tells His Childhood Story

381 Phil Tries To Collect A World Series Bet

382 Jack Tries To Trade In The Maxwell

383 Hold That Line

385 Dog Catcher Of Beverly HI'lls

386 Jack Waits To See A Movie Director

387 Jack Is Held Up On His Way To Don's House

390 From The Ritz Hotel In New York

391 Christmas Shopping

395 City Of Conquest

397 Herbert Marshall Hosts The Show

398 The Sponser Likes Herbert Marshall

399 Surprise Birthday Party

400 Tee Pee Hotel

401 Climb To Taquitz Falls

402 Murder At The Racquet Club

403 Palm Springs' Prices

404 Tobacco Road

405 Jack Works In His Garden

406 Quiz Kids Versus Jell-O Kids

407 Jack Prepares For Appearance On The Quiz Kids

408 Jack's Upset About His Appearance On The Quiz Kids

410 Jack's Tenth Anniversary On Radio

411 NBC Tribute To Jack Benny's Tenth Anniversary

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