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Jack Benny Volume 3

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Track List (88 Episodes)

412 Charley's Aunt

413 The Life Of Philbert Harris

414 From San Diego Naval Base

415 From New York

416 Columbus Day

417 Returning To Hollywood

418 Dive Bomber

419 Halloween Celebration

420 Football Game

421 He Fumbled The Ball

422 Thanksgiving Day Dinner

423 Dr Jekyl And Mr Hyde Part One

424 Dr Jekyl And Mr Hyde Part Two

427 Jack Talks About A Christmas Party He Gave

428 New Year's Eve Party At The Biltmore Bowl

429 From March Field

430 Carole Lombard's Death - Show Is Without Jack

433 Jack Is Upset Because Fred Allen Has Moved To Sundays

434 Jack Can't Get A Date On His Birthday

435 At The San Francisco Presidio

436 Jack Starts A Campaign For An Oscar

437 From San Diego Marine Base

438 Jack Talks About Lending Fred Allen Ten Dollars

439 Jack Plants A Victory Garden And Plays Golf With Phil

440 Doc Benny's Minstrel Show

441 Don's Commercial

442 Try And Get It

443 Don's Play

444 Jack Hawkin's Revenge

447 Jack Imitates Fred Allen

449 Cavalcade Of Last Eight Years For Jell-O

450 Jack Rounds Up The Gang In The Maxwell

451 Jack Takes Two Cadets To Barbara Stanwyck's House

452 Jack Gives The Maxwell For Scrap

453 Tales Of Manhattan

454 Jack And Phil Go Target Shooting

455 Twink Family Part One

456 Twink Family Part Two

457 George Washington Slept Here Premiere

458 Going After Rommel

459 Liberty Ship

460 From New York

461 George Washington Slept Here

462 New Years Eve Skit

463 Bear Hunting

464 The Sixty-Four Dollar Question

465 Spoof On Information Please

466 Mr Benny Goes To Washington

467 From Quantico, Virginia

468 Jack Is Late For The Program

469 From Ontario, Canada

470 Chicago - Monument For Jack

471 Kit Carson Benny

472 Host George Burns And Gracie Allen

473 Host Orson Welles - Return Of Phil Harris

474 Host Orson Welles - Takes Cast To His Movie Lot

475 Host Orson Welles - Murder At Midnight

476 Host Orson Welles - Little Red Riding Hood

477 Jack Returns After I'llness

478 Jack Opens Swimming Pool For The Season

479 Rochester's Horse Is In The Kentucky Derby

480 Renting Eddie Cantor's House

482 Rancho Benny

483 Parachute Jump

485 Jack Recalls His African Trip

486 Casablanca

487 Algiers

488 Jack Pretends He Is Going To Brazil

489 From Marine Corps Air Station At Mojave, California

490 The Lone Palm

491 Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey

492 Dennis Wants A Raise

493 Jack Gets A Driver's License

494 Dennis' Mother Visits

495 Jack And Mary Go Christmas Shopping

496 Christmas At Jack's House

497 Annual New Years Eve Show

498 Jack Has A Pet Camel

499 From Camp El Toro, California

500 From Camp Muroc, California

501 The Horns Blows At Midnight

502 From Terminal Island

503 From March Field

504 Guest Groucho Marx

505 Hollywood Canteen

506 From Lemoure Air Force Base

507 From Livermore Air Base

508 Dennis Dreams He Has A Radio Program

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