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Jack Benny Volume 4

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Track List (85 Episodes)

511 Repairing Jack's Sidewalk

512 Bob Hope Parody

513 Dennis Leaves For The Navy

516 Infantry

517 Split Personality

518 The Life Story Of Jack Benny

519 Final Grape Nuts Flakes Sponsored Show

520 Jack Looks For A Replacement Singer

521 Jack Offers Frank Sinatra Dennis' Job

522 From Gardner Field, Taft, California

524 Allen's Alley

525 Guest Show

527 From Corona Naval Hospital

528 How Jack And The Gang Spent Thanksgiving Day

530 From San Bernardino, California

532 Trimming A Tree

538 From St Albans Naval Hospital In New York

539 From Glen View AFB, I'llinois

540 From St Joseph, Missouri

542 From Hollywood - The Train Station

543 How Jack Found Rochester

551 Jack Is Going To San Francisco

556 Gaslight

558 Eighty-Five Thousand Dollar Bet - Jack Gets Held-Up

560 Joe Louis Acts As Jack's Bodyguard

564 Jack Is Invited To The Colman's For Dinner

565 Hello Louella

566 The English Butler

567 End Of The Contest

571 Contest Winners

572 Contest Winners Names Announced

573 From Palm Springs, California

577 Lost Weekend

578 Dennis Returns From The Navy

579 I Stand Condemned

581 Weekend At The Acme Plaza

582 Violin Practice Interrupts Ronald Coleman's Rehearsal

589 Jack Is Upset Because Phil And Dennis Have Their Own Shows

590 Jack Listens To The World Series

592 The Fiddler

593 Mary's 'Chiss Wheeze' Sandwich Fluff

594 Jack Tries To Break His Contract With The Sportsmen

596 Guest Show

597 The KI'llers

599 Jack Buys Don Shoe Laces For Christmas

600 Jack Learns Don Has Metal Tip Shoelaces, So He Exchange

601 Christmas Party At Birmingham General Hospital

603 Guest Show

604 Gracie Wants To Listen To Jack On The Radio

605 I Was Condemned

606 Margie

607 It's A Wonderful Life

608 What Happens After The Show Goes Off The Air

609 Jack's Birthday Party

610 Jack Fires The Sportsmen

611 Jack Tries To Rehire The Sportsmen

612 Jack Tries To Find Replacement For The Sportsmen

613 The Sportsmen Replacement

614 The Sportsmen Are Hired Back

616 Jack Wants Goldwyn To Do 'The Life Of Jack Benny'

617 Jack Fixes A Phonograph And Buys A Baseball Team

618 The Egg And I

619 Leaving For Chicago

620 To The Train Station For Chicago

621 From Chicago

622 From New York

623 Allen's Alley

624 Jack Is Back From Sun Valley Vacation

625 Jack Fixes Breakfast

626 Golf Match At HI'llcrest Country Club

627 Seventh Hole At HI'llcrest Country Club

628 Dark Passage' Movie Skit

629 Corner Drug Store

630 Cleaning Jack's Den

631 Movie Of Jack's Life - Thanksgiving Show

632 Turkey Dream

633 Jack Takes Violin Lessons And Goes To The Vault

634 Jack Has A Sprained Ankle

635 Last Moment Christmas Shopping

636 New Tenant

637 Jack Tries To Get Tickets For The Rose Bowl

638 Going To Denver For March-Of-Dimes Benefit

639 In Denver For March-Of-Dimes Benefit

641 Jack And Mary See Colman's Movie

703 Recovering From A Cold

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