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Jack Benny Volume 5

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Track List (91 Episodes)

575 Palm Springs Shopping

643 Jack's Birthday Party

644 From Palm Springs, California

645 Jack's Girlfriend Gladys Comes To Rehearsal

646 Jack Benny Is The Walking Man

649 Jack Is Robbed Of Ronald Colman's Oscar

650 Jack Wants To Borrow Bing's Oscar

651 From Palm Springs, California

652 Murder At The Racquet Club

653 Charlie's Aunt

654 Guest Show

655 Ronald Colman's Oscar Is Returned

656 Robert Taylor Subs For Jack

657 The Egg And I

658 I Was Framed

659 Jack Leaves For Detroit

660 From Detroit - Don's Weight Is Discussed

661 From Cleveland Palace Theater

662 From New York

663 Jack Returns To America By Ship And Hears An Echo

664 Jack And The Gang Listen To The World Series

665 Sorry, Wrong Number

667 Jack Goes Trick Or Treating

668 Jack Hears An Echo - Sees Psychiatrist

670 Jack Tries To Reach His Advertising Agency

671 How Jack And The Gang Spent Thanksgiving

672 Professor La Blanc Gives Jack A Violin Lesson

673 Jack Tries To Relax At Home

674 Jack Buys A Wallet For Don As Christmas Gift

676 First Show For CBS

677 Lunch At The Brown Derby

678 Jack's Scrapbook

679 Don Won't Sign His Contract

680 Don StI'll Won't Sign His Contract

681 Don Signs A New Contract

684 Jack Has A Music Lesson

685 A Day At The Races

686 After The Races

687 Mary And Van Are Late

688 Spring Cleaning

689 American Heart Association

691 Easter Parade

692 Jack Decides To Trade In The Maxwell

693 The Treasure Of Sierra Madre

694 Jack Is Upset With The Cast

695 Mary Is Sick

696 The Champion And The Set-Up

697 Cast Introduced

698 Bus Tour Introduces The Cast

699 Edward My Son

700 Guest Show

701 Jack Takes Inventory Of His Pantry And Has A Memory Loss

702 Jack's Memory Is Lost And Found

704 Jack Is Recovering From Nose Surgery

705 Don Wilson's Story Of Twenty-Five Years In Radio

706 Jack Rides In A Yacht

707 Last Week's Mistakes

708 Jack Goes To Rehearsal

709 Jack Spends An Evening At Home Playing Cards

710 Guest Show

711 Texas Benefit

712 Mary Buys Jack A Pencil Sharpener For Christmas

713 Rochester Is Shocked By An Electric Alarm Clock

714 Jack Can't Make Mary's Party And Is Stood Up By His Date

715 Drear Pooson Fluffry's Party And Is Stood Up By His Date

716 How Jack And Fred Allen Met

717 I Was Betrayed

718 To New York On The Train For The Heart Fund Benefit

720 Allen's Alley Spoof

721 Jack Returns On The Train To Los Angeles And Plays Cards

722 The Whistler

723 Buck Benny Rides Again

724 Sagebrush Soap Contest

725 The Champion

726 From Palm Springs

727 From Palm Springs

728 Fifty Cents To A Bum

729 Jack Gets The House Painted

730 The Beavers Do The Show

733 Mother's Day Gags

736 Back From London

739 The Maxwell Is Stolen

745 A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich And Murder

746 Jack And Dinah In London

747 Jack Tries To Buy Tickets To The USC-UCLA Game

748 Grassreek Fluff

749 Murder At The Racquet Club

750 Jack Buys Don Golf Tees For Christmas

752 A New Years Fantasy

755 Jack Goes To The Doctor For A Check-Up

756 Guest Show

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