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Jean Shepherd Vol 1

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Track List (57 Episodes)

570616 WOR Excelsior!StayTunedLilyLiveredOfTheWorld

590502 WOR PraisingTheGogomobile(CheapDutchAuto)

600409 WOR ConeyIslAutomaticPitcherGermanWinter

600416 WOR LockedOutOfStationNastyAuntTeresa

600604 WOR LateLtLtShowSnakeChokinDayNightPplChiBugHs

600625 WOR Grand Prix Auto Racing, Air Races, Gen

600702 WOR The July 4th Weekend, Old Walla

600704 WOR SummerMadness&TheGreatIceCreamWar

600904 WOR SundayNtSegmentARideOnTheCaterpillar

610222 WOR CivilWarCentennialPitch,DreamSeq

610301 One Man Radio Station

610302 WOR GuestShotAtAShoeShineStnd

610904 WOR It's All Part of Life, A Clarion Call

610905 WOR ABox2HideIn,Looking4AGoodTimeCharlie

61xxxx WOR Spring Madness Is Among Us

620215 WOR Myths and Existence3 Ways to Liv

620219 Mankind & His Stuff & The Divinely

620221 WORMolePeople,EverythingsHunkyDory

620221 The Mole People

620222 WORSelfDelusion&DogmaKate&George

620424 WORDarling,LetsMakeaMovie,MrKeen,Tra

630305 I Am Not Running 29m36s

630423 ShepherdFingers the Beads of Despair

630424 Casey At The Bat

630425 Atomaniacs (Incomplete)

630426 Don't Promise Nothin (3222) 44m50s (2)

630829 DescribesSpeechByMLKas'Brilliant'

631023 Don't Shove Me Around, Excerpt 1

631023 Don't Shove Me Around, Excerpt 2

631115 Shepherd Sings, 'That's My Weakness

631118 Shep Sings, Including a Notbad Imit

631125 Shepherd Remembers the First Tim

631219 Shepherd Scats Along

631225 Feeling Irrascible on Christm

631230 Right at the Start of the S

640116 Cold Weather Maso

6401xx How Shepherd Got the Nam

640205 The Story of a Kid Who Shot Dow

640214 On Valentine's Day, Ye Sow as

640214 Valentine's Day

640523 A Program 'Not for Wome

640620 Army Story Searching for German

640620 limelight The Swamp and Mudhens

640804 The Sultan of Zan

640813 Memories of Vic and S

640818 Monster Mothers (3222) 43m48s

640915 World's Fair Excerpt

641016 Remembering Al Pearce as a Po

641215 There Are Times and Th

641230 The Medicine Man of New Year's Eve

650208 protective colors

650302 Worst Job in the Steel Mill

650323 NAB Convention, Biting The Hand

650326 More N

650330 Simpleism, or Ignorance Is Bliss

650401 Great Hamburger Blow Up

650701 Art of hurling invective

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