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Jungle JI'm Volume 1

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Track List (110 Episodes)

(r001) The Bat Woman

(r002) A Fight to the Finish

(r003) A Woman of Mystery

(r004) Rev Chalmers Escapes

(r005) The Vampire Bat

(r006) JI'm and Kolu Hit the Trail

(r007) Race with a Crocodile

(r008) Headhunters

(r009) Late Arrivals

(r010) Stalled on the Trail

(r011) Chalmers' Fate

(r012) In The Bat Woman's Country

(r013) JI'm Is Captured

(r014) JI'm and Chalmers Discuss Situation

(r015) A Strange Proposal

(r016) Kolu Explailns his action to Lynne

(r017) Kolu Plans to Capture Mambo

(r018) Trying to Make Mamba Talk

(r019) Lil Has Plans for Lynne and JI'm

(r020) Chalmers Threatened by Lil

(r021) The Wedding is Interrupted

(r022) Farewell

(r023) The Purple Triangle

(r024) Shanghai Lil Meets an Old Friend

(r025) Lo Tounge Murdered

(r026) JI'm Is Suspected of Murder

(r027) Aerial Combat

(r028) Bad News About JI'm

(r029) The Eavesdropper

(r030) Lynne Meets Lin Pu

(r031) Lin Pu Under ServeI'llance

(r032) Secret Messages

(r033) The Reverend and Lynne Spy on Lin Pu

(r034) Trapped in the Car of Lin Pu

(r035) In the Enemy Camp of Derek Bluger

(r036) JI'm and Kolu Lose Their Guide

(r037) Sneaking Into Bluger's Camp

(r038) Bluger Addresses His Army

(r039) Questions About Lil's Loyalty

(r040) The Trap Is Sprung

(r041) Help From The Sky

(r042) Face-to-Face

(r043) Reunited with Kolu

(r044) Shanghai Lil Makes a Deal

(r045) Lil Intercedes

(r046) Bluger's Answer

(r047) The New Sentry

(r048) The Showdown

(r049) Rope's End

(r050) The Camp Sleeps

(r051)purple Triangle-cold Ste

(r052)purple Triangle-buzzing

(r053)purple Triangle-reunion

(r054)tigers Claw-on The Sand

(r055)tigers Claw-gratitude

(r056)tigers Claw-old Mans Sto

(r057)tigers Claw-on Flanders

(r058)tigers Claw-preparations

(r059)tigers Claw-road To Mand

(r060)tigers Claw-india

(r061)tigers Claw

(r062)tigers Claw-the Jungle

(r063)tigers Claw

(r064)tigers Claw-terror

(r065)tigers Claw-the Claw Str

(r066)tigers Claw-to The Finis

(r067)tigers Claw-ambush

(r068)tigers Claw-strategy

(r069)tigers Claw-tragedy

(r070)tigers Claw-a Womans Wra

(r071)tigers Claw-bhutans Camp

(r072)tigers Claw-crackup

(r073)tigers Claw-tigers Lair

(r074)tigers Claw-hawkins And

(r075)tigers Claw-deception

(r076)tigers Claw-in The Lions

(r077)tigers Claw-rendezvous

(r078)tigers Claw-caught In Th

(r079)tigers Claw-jins Discove

(r080)tigers Claw-bhutans Part

(r081)tigers Claw-revelation

(r082)tigers Claw-kolu

(r083)tigers Claw-trail Of The

(r084)tigers Claw-kolus Job

(r085)tigers Claw-reunion

(r086)tigers Claw-trapped

(r087)tigers Claw-a Change In

(r088)tigers Claw- A Shot

(r089)tigers Claw-flight

(r090)tigers Claw-a Daring Mov

(r091)tigers Claw-surprise Att

(r092)tigers Claw-wings

(r093)tigers Claw-last Stand

(r094)tigers Claw-closing In

(r095)tigers Claw-a Fatal Show

(r096)tigers Claw-together Aga

(r097)afghan HI'lls-the Road Ba

(r098)afghan HI'lls

(r099)afghan HI'lls

(r100)afghan HI'lls-the Note

(r101)afghan HI'lls-afghan Coun

(r102)afghan HI'lls-connie And

(r103)afghan HI'lls-maharajahs

(r104)afghan HI'lls-a Waiting G

(r105)afghan HI'lls-trouble

(r106)afghan HI'lls-into The Tr

(r107)afghan HI'lls-deserted

(r108)afghan HI'lls-the Challen

(r109)afghan HI'lls-surrender

(r110)afghan HI'lls-treachery

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