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Lone Ranger Vol 5

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Track List (94 Episodes)

(1728) Too Many Shares

(1729) Sugar-coated Sleep

(1731) Muddy Water

(1732) Thr Rainmaker

(1734) Five Cartridges For Cha

(1735) Four People Westbound

(1736) Bat Masterson

(1737) Bolivar And Hacksaw

(1738) The Mountain Meadow Mas

(1739) Pawnee BI'll

(1740) The Tatooed Arm

(1742) Wild River Rendezvous

(1743) Rails Across Choctaw La

(1744) Town Without A State

(1745) Gold For MaximI'llian

(1746) Aaron Burr's Pouch

(1747) The Border Rose

(1748) Ben Thompson

(1749) Jim Farrell's Son

(1752) BI'll Gage

(1753) Ephriam Collins' Ambiti

(1754) Law West Of The Pecos

(1755) A Trust FulfI'lled

(1756) Smoke Over Missouri

(1757) Sam Bass

(1758) John Ritchie

(1759) Longhorn Trail

(1760) Johnny Owens

(1761) Carrigan's Line

(1763) Annie Oakley

(1764) Jim Kalar

(1767) The Thirteenth Time

(1768) Teddy Roosevelt (part 1

(1769) Teddy Roosevelt (part 2

(1770) Chop Chop Handyman

(1776) Badge Of Honor

(1777) Three Callers

(1778) John Wesley Hardin

(1779) The Great Truth

(1780) Candlelight

(1781) H A W Tabor

(1782) Chuck Wagon Champ

(1783) Ridge Lawton

(1784) BI'lly The Kid

(1785) Ruggles Of Yellowstone

(1786) The Phantom Rider

(1802) Al Jennings

(1803) A Man Amoung Men

(1805) Frank Canton

(1807) Muley's Mules

(1808) Western Union

(1809) Tricky

(1876) Of Luther Jones

(1915) The Count Takes The Cou

(1917) Alibi For Alkali

(1924) Nitro For Pablo

(1928) Hero's Grave

(1929) Strong Medicine

(1930) Horse Called Silver

(1931) Dobie Deadline

(1934) Blood On The Land

(1935) Framed Out Of Trouble

(1937) Trading Post

(1938) Army Mules

(1940) Mad Murdock

(1941) Faithless Three

(1942) Pestilence And Silver

(1943) Two For Fuzzy

(1944) Guilty Hands

(1945) Ambush

(1946) Tomorrow Is My Home

(1947) Tom Bates Reformed

(1948) New State Guns

(1949) Town Of The Lawless

(1953) Mud Flats Detective

(1954) Jane's Jewels

(1955) Parted In The Middle

(1957) Donovan

(1958) The Pie Eyed Piper

(1960) Derrick's Dog

(1961) Rodeo

(1962) Morgan's Gap

(1963) Last Coach West

(1964) Single Tracks

(1965) The Lazy S

(1966) Ranger Justice

(1969) Law In Mustang

(1971) Wilbur Skink's Secret

(1972) Guilt For Hire

(1977) The Gentleman Fron Jule

(1978) Love Thy Neighbor

(1979) Rifles For White Bear

(1980) Paradise Valley

(1982) Trailside Treachery

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