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Lum and Abner Vol 1

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Track List (95 Episodes)

025 Squire Skimp Takes $500 Fr

026 Lum Gets $100 For His Brok

027 $500 Becomes $50

028 Lum Wants A Price To Heal

029 Lum Gets A Healing

030 Lum Objects To Skimp's Tri

031 The Prince Learns The Trut

032 Skimp Is Beaten Up By The

033 Lum Regrets Faking A Broke

034 Lum's Big Date

035 Lum Plans A Free Lending L

036 Organizing The Pine Ridge

037 Abner Misunderstands About

038 Skimp Buys An African Lion

039 Lum Meets A Lose Lion In T

040 Cedrick Makes The Lion His

041 Lum's Afraid Of The Lion

042 Lum's Lion Escapes

043 A Plan To Catch The Lion

044 Lum's Big Safari

045 Safari, With Lum, Abner An

046 The Petition Of The Lion

047 Finky-winky

048 Research In The Library

049 Lum's Pine Ridge Bakery

050 Installing The Stove

051 Lum's Prune Bread

052 160 Loaves Is Big Business

053 Cakes For The Cake Sale

054 Locket In The Loaf

055 Snake Gets Lum's Locket

056 Squire Plans To Rescue Lum

057 Snake Threatens Lum

058 Everbody Is Mad At Lum

059 Mousey Whips Lum

060 Mousey Versus Snake

061 Mousey Becomes 'kI'ller Gra

062 Lum, Boxing Promoter

063 Mousey Signs With Squire S

064 Squire Cheats Lum

065 Mousey Fights 'iron Mike'

066 Lucky Loaf Of Bread

067 Sink Or Swim

068 Lum Loses The Store

069 The Big Rematch

070 Lum Selling Pencils

071 Lum Selling Magazines

072 Abner Hires Some Help

073 Lum Has A Nervous Breakdow

074 Lum Rents Out The Library

075 Lum Plans A Robbery

076 Abner Visits Lum In Jail

077 Lum Hates Jail

078 Bail From 5 Cents To 10 $1

079 The Big Trial

080 A Letter From Judge Parker

081 Cedrick Studies Vantriloqu

082 Beefing Up The Books - Inc

083 An Honest Man

084 $10,000 In Three Months

085 Wonderful World

086 Who Is The Most Considerat

087 Old, Honest Lum

088 A Judge Of Men

089 Abner, A Pamphlet Writer

090 Abner Is Disqualified

091 Lum Explains Electricity

092 Lum Gets A Promotion

093 Trip To Fort Smith

094 Victory Boxes

095 What's In The Package

096 Rubber Boots

097 License #x96z00

098 Money Is The Root

099 Elizebeth Wants New Shoes

100 Lum Is Left In Charge

101 Abner Is Appointed Herald

102 Cedrick Orders A Naw Bicyc

103 Cedrick's Sudden Wealth

104 Cedrick's Lantern

105 Cedrick Becomes Lum & Abne

106 Who Is Mr Adams

107 Making Money

108 Abner Is Richtoo

109 Caught Counterfeiting

110 Abner's Letter Returns

111 Lum's Pictures

112 Lum Has Skipped Bail

113 Mousey, The Detective

114 Lum Returns With A Surpris

115 A $10,000 Cheque

116 How To Spend The Money

117 Reading Suggestions

118 Getting Ready Fot The Prem

119 Lum Prepares A Speech

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