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Lum and Abner Vol 2

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Track List (95 Episodes)

120 Don Amichi Comes To Town

121 'bashful Batchlor' - Premi

122 U S Quincy Wins The Contes

123 A Perennial Legal Document

124 A Statue Of ======

125 Mousey's Great Idea

126 Lum Is Planning New Appart

127 Lum Is Designing New Appar

128 A Store On Every Floor

129 Cedrick Buys A Pinball Mac

130 Hush Money

131 Cedrick, The Indian

132 Mr Dobbs Comes To Visit

133 J Wadsworth From Chicago

134 Lum Cons Squire Skimp

135 Car Pooling

136 A New Old Folks Home

137 Seven Wonders Of The World

138 Just Like Noah

139 Doing The Books

140 Abner Has Been Sleeping On

141 Lum, The Author

142 The Edwards & Edwards Publ

143 Reviewing Manuscripts

144 The Harley Property

145 Buried Treasure

146 Printing HandbI'lls

147 The Phantom Author

148 A Ghost Outfit Or Abner's

149 The Last Chapter

150 Greeting Cards And The Owl

151 Learning To Dance

152 The Party And The Fishing

153 Writing Greeting Cards

154 Edwards & Mousey Gray Publ

155 Getting A License

156 Try Cave Man Tactics

157 Dear Miss Beatrix

158 Cedrick Beats The Pinball

159 Cedrick Wants To Be A Mari

160 Elizebeth Is Sewing On The

161 Abner's Going Fishing

162 Abner And Elizebeth Are Ha

163 Mousey's Written Report

164 A Note Addressed To Abner

165 Elizebeth Is Gone

166 No Word From Elizebeth

167 A Search Party

168 Watch The Baby For A Minut

169 Lum Is Baby Sitting

170 Preparing The Baby For A T

171 Lum, Dressed Like Mrs Lunf

172 Abner's House Is Robbed

173 The Black Pelican

174 Mousey's Phony Reprot

175 Lum's War Drive Speech

176 Haunting A Ghost At Abner'

177 Who's Going To Care For Th

178 Drawing For The Baby's Nam

179 The Baby Locket

180 Box #k691w, Kansas City

181 Phone Call From The County

182 Lum Wants To Adopt

183 Nurses For The Red Cross,

184 A Letter From Kansas

185 Assistant King Edwards

186 You Can't Argue With A Kin

187 Phone Call At 10 Pm

188 Little Orphan, King Charle

189 Lum Bought A Horse

190 Mrs Guthery's Child

191 A Gallon Of Gold

192 President Of A Gold Mine

193 Wpeg Mining Company

194 A Letter From Pw

195 A $5,000 Debt

196 Entering The 'big Baby' Co

197 Phone Call From The County

198 Mr Finley

199 Collecting Junk For The Go

200 A Letter To Mr Blair

201 Squires $500 Joke Backfire

202 Remembering Little Charlie

203 The 30 Second Cot

204 Mousey's Travel Agency

205 Back To Nature

206 $5 To New York

207 Abner Learns About War Bon

208 The Hooker Telescope

209 Free Haircuts

210 Mousey Wants To Be A Schoo

211 Lum Wants To Resign

212 Waiting For The New School

213 Meeting The New School Tea

214 Supper With Professor Sloa

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