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Lum and Abner Vol 3

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Track List (95 Episodes)

215 Learning About Air Raid Wa

216 A Ghost Named Clyde

217 Avery, The Talking Donkey

218 A Letter For Cedrick

219 Cedrick And The Intelligen

220 Talking About Astronomy

221 Planning A Hike

222 Abner's Half Of The Money

223 Learnin' Abner 'bout Astro

224 Visiting The Recovering Pr

225 School Teacher Lum

226 Bidding On The Old Bufford

227 Buying The Property From S

228 Cleaning Up The Old Buffor

229 2 And One Half Pounds Of M

230 Abner Wants To Build A Roc

231 Gussie Joins The Military

232 Wheels For The Rocket

233 Manager, Squire Skimp

234 Buying Stock In Their Corp

235 Preparing For The Crowd On

236 Instruments For The Trip

237 Luke Spear's Resturant

238 Cedrick, Abner And Feather

239 Planning The Launching Cer

240 Squire Wants To Resign

241 Launching Day Activities

242 A Horse Of A Different Col

243 Abner Is Scared To Go

244 Blast Off Day

245 Gas Rationing & Ride Shari

246 The Biggest Chump

247 Writing The Magazine Artic

248 Look At Old Photos

249 New $6 Shoes

250 Mousey Has Been Drafted

251 Exercise For Mousey

252 Planning A Surprose Party

253 Mousey's Going Away Party

254 The Pine Ridge Golden Arro

255 The 'golden Arrow's' First

256 Gomer, Cedrick And Clarabe

257 Cedrick's Mystery Fincees

258 Cedrick Is Crazy

259 Poem About A Coo-coo Bird

260 Who Is 'w'

261 The Golden Arrow Club's Se

262 The Value Of The Store

263 Everybody Is Leaving Pine

264 A New Business To Save Pin

265 Patty Cake, Patty Cake

266 Grandpap's New Career

267 War Stamps

268 Stretch Berries, Sweet Gum

269 Synthetic Rubber

270 Four Halves Of A Rubber Co

271 The Pine Ridge Rubber Comp

272 The Absolute Secret

273 Grandpap And Amnesia

274 Buster V. Davenport Of Tol

275 Buster Sells Vacuum Cleane

276 Eight Used Vacuum Cleaners

277 Trying To Recall The Formu

278 Lum Has Amnesia

279 Checkers To Cure Amnesia

280 Talking About Moving The S

281 A Pipe For Grandpap

282 Who Steals My Purse

283 UnfI'lled War Stamp Books

284 Honest Lum Whitley Edwards

285 How To Give A Party

286 Who WI'll Adopt Grandpap

287 Grandpap's An Income Tax E

288 Rewritting Inventions And

289 The Golden Arrow Club Disc

290 Cedrick Has Been Promoted

291 Grandpap Is Collecting For

292 At Grandpap's Commercializ

293 Grandpap Is Leaving Town

294 Writing To Dentists

295 Dr Snide Dds

296 Dr Snide Visits Pine Ridg

297 Grandpap's Teeth

298 Dr Snide Is Coming To Stay

299 Mousy Grey Id Home On Mili

300 Calling Dr Edwards

301 Dr Snide, Guest Speaker

302 Dentist's Costs

303 No Charge

304 HandbI'lls To Get Rid Of Dr

305 Some Legal, Honest Loophol

306 Lum's On Probation

307 Grandpap's Back From Toled

308 Barbara Stanwick Visits Pi

309 Remembering Milford A Spea

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