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Lum and Abner Vol 4

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Track List (95 Episodes)

310 Buster Is Out To Get Grand

311 A Date For Grandpappy Spea

312 Carpooling To Save Gas

313 Charity Spears

314 Buster Courting Charity

315 Black Market Meat

316 How To Propose Marriage

317 Cedrick's Wedding

318 A Letter From Mousey

319 Philosophy

320 Cedrick's Being Sued

321 Cedrick's Trial Begins

322 Discussing The Mona Lisa

323charlie Redfield, Whitness

324 Disruptions In Court

325 Planning Cedrick's Defense

326 Discussing Architecture

327 Winnefred Redfield's Testi

328 Winnefred Elopes

329 Cedrick Gets 22,500 Points

330 Discussing Sir Issac Newto

331 Looking For A Job For Pear

332 Grandpap And Charity's Sec

333 Grandpap Has His Memory Ba

334 Pine Ridge Rubber Company

335 Substance 4765 Isn't Synth

336 Chairman Of The Savings St

337 A Business Man's Luncheon

338 A Play About Inflation

339 Searching For Talent

340 Setting Up A Town Meeting

341 A One-hundred Dollar War B

342 Abner, The Mystic

343 Predictions Start Trouble

344 Lum's Got Women Troubles

345 The 'elect Lum A Wife' Con

346 Widow Abernathy Is Winning

347 Sister Simpson Takes The L

348 Insurance For Lum

349 Horse Shoes

350 If Cedrick Could Fly

351 Fabricating A New Contest

352 A Contestant Withdraws

353 Lum Wants To Leave Town

354 Mable Melrose Is After Lum

355 Planning Lum's Auction Wed

356 The One-thousand Dollar Se

357 Lum Is In Love

358 Cleaning Abner's Attic

359 Planning The Art Exhibit

360 More Plans

361 Lum Edwards, Surrealist

362 Cedrick Balks At Saving

363 Secret Engagement

364 Which Side Is Up

365 The Checklist

366 The Auction

367 Grandpap Braggs

368 Birdwatching

369 Down With Slang

370 Romancing

371 Grandpap's Job

372 Mousey Returns

373 The Secret Diary

374 Mousey's Injury

375 Miss Melrose Moves Out

376 The Tlegrams

377 The 'c' Man

378 Abner's Problem

379 The Weekly Meeting

380 Ol' Blue's Qualifications

381 Ellie Is Missing

382 Concealing Evidense

383 Indecision

384 Feed Room Off Limits

385 At The Depot

386 Back At The Store

387 UnwI'lling Suitor

388 Grandpap's Visit

389 Lum's Trip

390 A Call From Lum

391 A Lesson

392 Ellie Suspects

393 Insurance Forms

394 The Straight Scoop

395 Ellie Finds Out

396 Posion Oak

397 Cedrick Is Fined

398 Uncle Henry's Ailment

399 The Rolling Kettel

400 The Quarantine

401 Multiple Exposures

402 Activities

403 Convelessing

404 The Bread Truck

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