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Ma Perkins

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Track List (104 Episodes)

(4433) Cousin Sylvester tries to cheat

(4434) Sylvester Has Tricked WI'llie

(4435) Shuffle Wants to Visit Ma but

(4436) Sylvester Has Gotten a Package

(4437) Evil Sylvester Has Just About

(4438) WI'llie Has at Last Given

(4439) Sylvester Has Bought a New Car

(4440) Sylvester Makes His First

(4441) Sylvester Turns into a Wolf

(4442) Gladys Tries to Show Faye What

(4443) Sylvester Is Chewed out by

(4444) Faye Asks Shuffle for Advice

(4445) Shuffle Gets Marietta to Give

(4446) Cousin Ed Gives His Son pointers







(4453) Shuffle Tells WI'llie to Tell

(4454) Ma Asks Evie and WI'llie If

(4455) Ma Asks Evie and WI'llie If

(4456) Shuffle Says That Since

(4463) Shuffle Is Overjoyed That at

(4464) Ma Finally Confronts the

(4467) The Cousins Have Alibied So

(4468) Shuffle Is Very Disappointed

(4469) The Family Meets to Decide How

(4470) Sylvester Convinces Evie to

(4471) Faye Gets Sylvester to Promise

(4472) Sylvester Decides to Wreck His

(4475) Ma Recalls to Herself All the

(4476) Sylvester's Car Has Been

(4487) Ma Suspects That Sylvester and

(4488) Everyone Has Been Invited to the Cousin's House

(4495) Has Been Invited to the Cousin's House

(4496) Shuffle Has Proof That Mr

(4497) Ma Has Finally Decided to See

(4498) Who Should Come to Town, of

(4513) Ma Finally Learns the Truth

(4527) Bonita Thanks Ma for Getting

(4528) Faye Decides She Doesn't Want

(4531) Shuffle Returns to the Lumber

(4532) Spencer Greyson Has Decided to

(4537) Mr Spencer Greyson Has Arrived

(4538) Everyone Is Aflutter as Faye



(4545) Evie and WI'llie Are Throwing a

(4546) Faye and Spencer, Ma and Shuffle, Welcome in the New Year

(4547) Spencer Meets an Old War Buddy of His

(4548) Faye Is Obviously Very Much in

(4549) The Family Is Gossiping About

(4550) Spencer Has Decided to Stay in

(4551) Faye and Spencer Are Finding

(4552) Mysterious Tom Welles Is StI'll

(4553) Spencer Greyson Wants to Talk

(4554) Spencer Has His Private Talk with Ma

(4555) Spencer Asks Shuffle to Help find out what wrong with his buddy

(4556) Spencer Continues to Pitch Woo

(4558) Gladys Pembleton Feels There's

(4559) Spencer Announces That He Must

(4560) Spencer Leaves, Promising to Return

(4561) Spencer Greyson Has Left, and Faye misses him

(4562) Evie and Faye Talk About Spencer

(4563) Faye Is Deeply in Love with Spencer

(4564) Ma and Faye Meet Tom Welles on the Street

(4565) At Last Spencer Has Written

(4566) Faye Reads Her Letter over and over

(4567) Tom Welles, the Mysterious friend

(4568) Spencer Greyson's Presant Has Arrived

(4569) The B I G News Is Spencer Calling Faye

(4570) Faye Decides to Go to New York

(4571) Preparations Are Made for Fays' Departure

(4572) Tom Welles Drops by for one of Ma's Dinners

(4573) Tom and Ma Have Become Friends

(4574) Ma Discusses the Dinner with Tom

(4575) Evie, WI'llie and Ma Discuss Faye's First Letter From New York

(4576) Everyone Is Concerned

(4579) Tom Welles Has Been Sick

(4580) Evie Has Been Researching the Activities of Tom

(4582) WI'llie Has Spoken to Al About Keeping Tom's Job While He Is Ill

(4587) Faye Is Back but Says Nothing About Spencer

(4588) Ma Goes to Al's Diner

(4589) Ma Visits Tom and They Talk

(4590) Faye Finally Breaks Down and Admits New York Visit Went Badly

(4591) Faye Tells Ma About Some of Her Experiences

(4592) Tom Welles Finds Unexpected Kidness

(4595) Ma and Faye Continue to Discuss Whether She Wants To Marry Grayson

(4596) Faye Appears to Be Forced Into Meeting Tom

(4597) Tom and Faye Meet in Tom's Room

(4598) Faye Relates Her Experiences Faye Relates Her Experiences

(IsolatedEp ) Sonia Fades Out

(IsolatedEp ) WI'lly And Evy Lie To Ma







510116 (xxxx) Tom Has Decided to Marry Kay and Is Trying to Get Their New Place Furnished

601124 (xxxx) The Nextto Last Episode of the Series

xxxxxx(IsolatedEp ) Sonia Is Shot

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