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Men From the Ministry

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Track List (75 Episodes)

621029 s01e01 The Great Footwear Scandal

621106 s01e02 The Big Rocket

621113 s01e03 Strictly For The Birds

621120 s01e04 French Cricket

621127 s01e05 The War With The Isle Of Wight

621204 s01e06 The Moderately I'mportant Person

621211 s01e07 The Rhubarb Pirates

621218 s01e08 A Matter of Form

630101 s01e10 The Spy In The Black Pinstripe

630108 s01e11 Island In The Sun

650725 s02e01 Pirates of Lakeview Reservoir

650801 s02e02 Something About A Soldier

650822 s02e05 The Man Who Made It Rain

650829 s02e06 Train Of Events

650905 s02e07 A Degrading Business

650912 s02e08 The Butcher Of Glensporran

650919 s02e09 Counter Spies

651010 s02e12 The Hole

651017 s02e13 The Day The Martians Came

661225 s03e03 The Post Office PantomI'me

670101 s03e04 All At Sea

670108 s03e05 Bowler Hats And Machine Guns

670115 s03e06 On The Run

670122 s03e07 A Gift For Sir Gregory

670205 s03e09 Trouble In The Air

670212 s03e10 Getting The Bird

670226 s03e12 The Thing On The Beach

670305 s03e13 A Slight Case Of Demolition

670312 s03e14 The Fastest Ship in the World

680218 s04e01 The Battle Of The River Thames

680225 s04e02 The Tubby Submarine

680303 s04e03 A Matter Of Breeding

680310 s04e04 The Great Showbiz Fiasco

680324 s04e06 Waterway To Go

680407 s04e08 The Fastest Brolly In The West

680414 s04e09 Lamb Takes A Gambol

680421 s04e10 Four Men In A Wellington

680429 s04e11 Out Of This World

690325 s05e01 A Rotten System

690401 s05e02 A Brush With An Old Master

690408 s05e03 All Play And No Work

690415 s05e04 A Sticky Business

690429 s05e06 The Ship That Wagged Its Tail

700630 s06e01 Bye Bye Mildred

700707 s06e02 Bare Necessities

700714 s06e03 Storm In A Tea-Urn

700721 s06e04 The Moving Target

700804 s06e06 The Bigger The Better

700922 s06e13 Fair Exchange

700929 s06e14 BI'll Stickers Is Innocent

710129 s07e01 Rolling In It

710826 s07e05 The Fool Proof Fool

710902 s07e06 Rotten to the Corps

710909 s07e07 Transatlantic Trouble

710923 s07e09 Just The Ticket

720711 s08e01 The Conference Trick

720725 s08e03 How Now Brown Cow

720801 s08e04 Sorry Wrong Number

720808 s08e05 The Desk Job

720815 s08e06 Fowl Play

730327 s09e04 Bridge Under Troubled Waters

730403 s09e05 A Private Affair

730417 s09e07 Getting It Taped

730424 s09e08 Safe And Unsound

730501 s09e09 The Export Caper

730508 s09e10 Flushed With Success

730515 s09e11 Under The Weather

730522 s09e12 Monkey Business

730529 s09e13 Cheesed Off

740617 s10e01 Plane Madness

740624 s10e02 Vipers In The Bosom

740701 s10e03 Great Guns

740708 s10e04 I Want My Mummy

740722 s10e06 Ballet Nuisance

740729 s10e07 Sky High

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