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Philo Vance

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Track List (85 Episodes)

430429 The Case of #3E8ED

450809 The Case of #3E8EE

480713 The Eagle Mu#3E8EF

480824 The Poetic M#3E8F0

480831 The Coachman#3E8F1

480907 The Midget M#3E8F2

480914 The Blue Lad#3E8F3

480921 The Backstag#3E8F4

480928 The Argus Mu#3E8F5

481012 The Cover Gi#3E8F7

481130 The Blackjac#3E8F8

481207 The Star Stu#3E8F9

481214 The Murdock #3E8FA

481221 The VanI'lla #3E8FB

481228 The Rhumba M#3E8FC

490104 The Magic Mu#3E8FD

490125 The Idol Mur#3E8FE

490201 The Golden M#3E8FF

490208 The Flying M#3E900

490215 The Butler Murder Case

490222 The Herringbone Murder Case

490301 The Listless Murder Case

490308 The Curtain Call Murder Case

490315 The MI'llion Dollar Murder Case

490322 The White WI'llow Murder Case

490329 The High Hat Murder Case

490405 The Movie Murder Case

490412 The Green Girls Murder Case

490419 The Cardinal Murder Case

490426 The Cipher Murder Case

490503 The Masters Murder Case

490510 The Meanest Man Murder Case

490517 The Butterfly Murder Case

490524 The Hurdy Gurdy Murder

490531 The Red Duck Murder Case

490607 The Mistletoe Murder Case

490614 The Combination Murder Case

490621 The Peacock Murder Case

490628 The Motor Murder Case

490705 The White Murder Case

490712 The One Cent Murder Case

490719 The Racket Murder Case

490726 The Cheese Cake Murder Case

490802 The Tick Tock Murder Case

490809 The Deep Sea Murder Case

490816 The Johnny A Murder Case

490823 The Blue Penny Murder Case

490830 The Brotherly Murder Case

490913 The Checkered Murder Case

491004 The Black Gold Murder Case

491011 The Tea Cup Murder Case

491018 The Meeker Murder Case

491025 The Deathless Murder Case

491115 The Little Murder Case

491122 The Nightmare Murder Case

491129 The Thundering Murder Case

491206 The Bird Cage Murder Case

491213 The Grey Glove Murder Case

491220 The Chop Suey Murder Case

491227 The Identical Murder Case

500103 The Tip Top Murder Case

500110 The Left Handed Murder Case

500117 The Catty Corpse Murder Case

500124 The Music Box Murder Case

500131 The Sterling Murder Case

500207 The Chicken Murder Case

500214 The Scarface Murder Case

500307 The Church Murder Case

500314 The Mathematical Murder Case

500321 The Jackpot Murder Case

500328 The Ivory Murder Case

500404 The MI'mic Murder Case

500411 The Nylon Murder Case

500418 The Golden Key Murder Case

500425 The Shower Bath Murder Case

500502 The Rooftop Murder Case

500509 The Whistling Murder Case

500516 The Manicure Murder Case

500523 The Money Machine Murder Case

500530 The Whirlaround Murder Case

500606 The Alibi Murder Case

500613 The Full Dress Murder Case

500620 The Prize Ring Murder Case

500627 The Argyle Murder Case

500704 The Muddy Murder Case

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