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The Pacific Story Vol 1

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Track List (75 Episodes)

10-China's Exiled Universities

11-Burma, Keystone to the Far East

12-The Soviet Asiatics A New Human World

13-The Chinese Revolution

14-The Phillipines and Their Fight for Freedom

15-Chang Kai Shek, Freedom and Equality

16-Australia, Rising Power in the Pacific

17-Japan's Dynasty of Terror, The Black Dragon Society

18-Thailand, The Enslavement of a Free People

19-The Beggars of the Sea

1-Japan's Dream of World Dominion

20-Jose Rizal, Patriot Martyr of the Phillipines

21-Hawaii, Melting Pot of the Pacific

22-New Zealand, Sealane Center of the South Pacific

23-Nehru of India, The New Man of the New World

24-Formosa, Prize of the China Sea

25-The Mighty Carolines, Secret Stronghold of the Japanese

26-Homer Lee, Prophet of the Pacific

27-The Burma Road, Highway to the Heart of Japan

28-India At War

29-General Tojo, The Razor

2-Siberia, America's Nearest Asiatic Neighbor

30-The Enemy We Face in the Pacific

31-New Guinea, Cinderella Land of the Pacific

32-The Moros, Nemesis to the Japs on Mindanao

33-The Kurile Islands, Steppingstones to Tokyo

34-Guam, Our Forsaken Stepchild

35-The Myth of the Son of Heaven

36-Sakhalin, Sorepoint of the Pacific

37-The Case of Russia vs Japan

38-The Commonwealth of the Phillipines

39-Air Transportation, Lifeline of China

3-The Old China

40-Manchuria, The Japanese Ruhr

41-Chongqing, War Capitol of China

42-The Ainu, Outcasts of Japan

43-The Chinese Puppet Government (first 2.5 minutes poor

44-Japan's Advance Base,The Bonin Islands

45-Will Java Be Free

46-The Chinese Communists

47-The Japanese Navy

48-The Amur River

49-Sinkiang, China's Wild West

4-The New China

50-Vladivostak, Mistress of the Far East

51-Bhosa, The Indian Quisling

52-The South Manchuria Railway

53-China's New Life Movement

54-Tokyo, Target of the Pacific

55-Manila, Pearl of the Orient

56-The Kwantung Army

57-The Long March

58-Hainan, Sentry of the South China Sea

59-The Filipino Underground

5-Monsoon Asia, The Geography of Rice and Rain

60-Russia's Strength in the Far East

61-Japan's Robber Barons

62-Opium, Curse of the Far East

63-Manchuria's Puppet Government

64-Japan's Secret Police

65-Nan King

66-Japan's Highway of Steel

67-China's Air Force

68-The Andaman Islands

69-Siberia's People, The Secret of Her Strength

6-Monsoon Asia, Adventurer and International Rivalry

70-Saipan, Springboard to Nippon

71-The Yangtze

72-Islam in the Pacific

73-Conquest By Japanization

74-China's Land Problem

75-Malaka Straight, Gateway to the SW Pacific

7-India, From Clive To Gandhi

8-The Islands of the Pacific

9-The Manchurian Incident and It's Sequel

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