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The Pacific Story Vol 2

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Track List (79 Episodes)

100-France Faces the Music

101-Siberia's People, The Secret of Her Strength

102-Thunder in Java

103-Australia Comes Out (scratchy)

104-Black Gold in the Pacific

105-Transport in China

106-Fireworks in the Phillipines

107-The Remaking of Japan (scratchy)

108-The Buryat Mongols, A Soviet Minority

109-New Caledonia

110-Help For China's Millions

111-Japan's Fisheries, What Now

112-Mao Tse Tung, Chinese Communist Leader (scratchy)

113-The Untouchables of India

114-Rehol, Keystone of North China (scratchy

115-Silk, The Golden Thread

116-Sarawak, Adventure in Statehood (very rough)

117-Korea, Political Battlefield

118-The Chinese Giant Awakens

119-Famine In India

120-The Milk and Meat of the Far East

121-The Burma Patriotic Front (1st in U.N. Series)

122-Russia Looks to the East (2nd in U.N. Series)

123-The Phillipines, The Birth of a Nation (U.N. Series)

124-Our Job in Japan (U.N. Series)

125-Crosscurrents in Malaya (U.N. Series)

126-Skyway to the Far East (U.N. Series)

127-Medicine Comes to China (U.N. Series)

128-Sichuan (U.N. Series)

129-The New Voice in the East (U.N. Series)

130-Bali (U.N. Series)

131-Timor, Pawn of the Pacific

132-The Selabees, Conflict in Indonesia

133-Cananda Looks to the West

134-Our Strategic Needs in the Pacific

135-Post War Formosa

136-Redemption in Singapore

137-The Fiji Islands

138-Guam, New Outpost in the Pacific

139-Tasmania, Switzerland of the South

140-China's Wild Men of the Mountains

141-The Japanese and the Soil

142-Transition in India

143-Macao, Decision Pending

144-Sinkiang, Powder Keg of Asia

145-Storm Clouds Over the Phillipines

146-Rubber, Bellwether of Malaya

147-The Marquesas


149-Collapse of the French Empire in the Pacific

150-and Gunpowde

151-49th Stat


153-Bomb At Bikini Atoll

75-The Japanese Dilemma

76-The Ryukyu Islands

77-Yunan, Anchor of the Burma Road

78-San Francisco, Spring 1945

79-Phillipines Come of Age

80-The Guards to the Coast of China

81-The Red Banner Far Eastern Armies

82-Mongolia, Strife in Asia's Interi

83-Yenen, Citadel of Chinese Communism

84-Blood for an Outlet to the Sea

85-Honshu, Heart of Japan


87-The Yellow River, Barrier and Battleline

88-Sumatra, Return to the Indie

89-Japan's Air Power

90-The Paradox of Korea

91-The Red Banner Far Eastern Armies (rebroadcast of 450520)


93-The New Milestone

94-Menace of Japan's Old Order

95-Nanking, Symbol of Victory

96-Russia, The New Power in the Pacific


98-Japan's Food Crisis

99-China, The World's Biggest Customer

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