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The Whistler Volume 2

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Track List (71 Episodes)

(194) Panic

(195) Six Letter Word for Murder

(197) Murder in Haste

(203) Terror Stricken

(205) The Waterford Case

(206) My Love Comes Home

(209) Broken Chain

(211) The Judas Face

(212) Quiet Sunday

(213) Affair at Stony Ridge

(214) The Blind Bet

(215) Solid Citizen

(216) Confession

(217) Custom Built Blonde (BI'll Conrad's 1st radio appearance

(219) My Love Comes Home

(220) Bullet Proof

(222) Delivery Guaranteed

(223) The Broken Chain

(226) Witness at the Fountain

(227) Brief Pause For Murder

(228) The Brass Ring

(229) or 48.06.02 (318) Stranger in the House

(234) Backfire

(238) Two Year Plan

(239) Blind I'mpulse (Modified rebroadcast)

(242) Next Year is Mine (Frank Lovejoy)

(246) Last Curtain

(248) Seven Steps To Murder AFRS

(255) Lady with the Knife

(258) The Sheriff's Assistant

(260) Backlash

(264) Hasty Conclusion

(269) The Gentle Way

(271) The Lives of Colby Fletcher

420103 (000) The Weakling

420516 (001) Retribution

420822 (015) Death has a Thirst

420913 (018) Mirage

420920 (019) Fog

420927 (020) Jealousy

421004 (021) Urge to KI'll

421011 (022) Malice

421018 (023) Death Comes at Midnight

421025 (024) The Alibi

421122 (028) The Other Woman

421129 (029) Avarice

421213 (031) The Accounting

430103 (034) The Weakling

430117 (036) The Thief

430131 (038) The Confession

430328 (046) The Penalty

430529 (054) Final Decree

430626 (058) The Blank Wall

430702 (059) Avengers

430709 (060) Eye For An Eye

430813 (065) Death In The Air

430903 (068) Destiny

430910 (069) Tangled Web

440723 Last of the Devereaux

440903 (120) Practically Fool Proof

441030 (128) The Beloved Fraud

441127 (132) Death Walks A Tight Rope

450319 (148) Murder WI'll Shout

450514 (156) Hit And Run

450625 (162) Death Watch

450730 (167) Summerthunder

450806 (168) The Man Who Came To Murder

450820 (170) X Marks The Murder

451001 (176) Death Wears A White Robe

451231 (188) Miracle On 49th Street

460104 (189) Decision

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