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Vanishing Point

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Track List (96 Episodes)

811104 In The Groove

841005 The Testing Of Stanley Teagarden

841012 Disappearence

841019 The Rescue

841026 Death And The Compass

841102 Cage Of Light

841102 The Playground

841116 The Bailiff And The Women

841123 The Quickening

841130 The Golden Triangle

841207 The Silenian Test

841214 Teenage Catalog Model

841221 How Love Came To Professor Guildea

841228 The Cave

850104 The Lost Door

850111 The Blue Devil

850118 Point Of Departure

850125 Skin

850201 Phase I I I

850208 The Addict

850215 Startech B16 K

850222 Meteor

850301 Zeppis Machine

850315 Evalu

850322 Free To A Good Home

850330 Uluru

850405 The Third Bank Of The River

850412 Unlived Lives

850419 Ground Zero

850426 Messages

850503 The Shining Path

850510 The Yellow Wallpaper

850517 The Woman In Black

850524 Seeing God

850930 (34) The Black Serpent

851007 (35) Nightmare in Rabbit City

851014 The Enormous Radio

851021 (37) Curse of the Unnamed Planet

851028 Secret Ceremony

851111 (40) Soft Landscape

851118 (41) The Nine BI'llion Names of Go

851125 Shoot The Unicorn

851202 The Language Of Flowers

851209 The Last Thirty Days Of Charles L Danforth

851216 Past I'mperfect

851223 The Counts Wife

851230 Childrens Eyes

860106 Split Second

860113 Moms Home Cooking

860120 A Kissing Way

860203 Snow Shadow Area

860210 A Small Good Thing

860303 Azure Blue

860310 Antinomy

860317 All The Way

860324 A Silent Agreement

860331 The UltI'mate Threshold

860505 The Rising Of The North

860512 Death Of A Physicist

860519 A Communicatable Disease

860526 Closing Night

860602 The Right One

860609 The Doctor Of The Soul

860617 The Most Beautiful Woman In Town

860623 (68) Open Wide

860630 Certain Distant Suns

870717 The Dispossessed Part 6 of 6

871130 The Rawhide Show

87xxxx Fleshtone

87xxxx Hair Of The Dog

87xxxx Mr Gendleton Crashes A Party

880513 The Rubber Ball

881020 The Man Who Collected Women

89xxxx Drifter

89xxxx Fanta Film

89xxxx King Of Another Place

89xxxx The Dinosaur Connection

8xxxxx Escape Routes1 A Few Words From Harold

8xxxxx Escape Routes2 Everything She Wants

8xxxxx Escape Routes3 Looking For A Quiet Place

8xxxxx Escape Routes4 UltI'mate Destination

8xxxxx Lucky Girl

8xxxxx Mortal

8xxxxx The Man Who Liked Dickens

The Stories Of J G Ballard- A Question Of Reentry

The Stories Of J G Ballard- Cloud Sculptors Of Coral D

The Stories Of J G Ballard- Escapement

The Stories Of J G Ballard- Having A Wonderful TI'me

The Stories Of J G Ballard- Low Flying Aircraft

The Stories Of J G Ballard- News From The Sun

Thrice Told Tales-1of6- Artist Of The Beautiful

Thrice Told Tales-2of6- Never Marry A Spider

Thrice Told Tales-3of6- Rappachinis Daughter

Thrice Told Tales-4of6- The Headless Clown

Thrice Told Tales-5of6- Deep Desire

Thrice Told Tales-6of6- Strange Child

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