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Vic and Sade

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Track List (94 Episodes)

37-11-28 Congress and Supreme Court [lq]

38-11-30 Vic's New Hat

39-00-x1 Vic's Geographical Trip

39-01-02 Lodge Regalia on Loan

39-01-16 Flower Garden Biznes

39-03-08 Mr Erickson's House Repairs

39-04-25 Rotten Davis Phones

39-11-21 Smelly Clark Solicits Gifts

39-40-x1 Letter to Walter

39-40-x3 Rush Draws List of Acquaintances

40-02-27 Deep Currents of School Life

40-03-25 Smelly Clark's Big Date

40-08-14 Bacon Sandwiches

41-00-x1 Icebergs in I'lllinois

41-01-21 Demise of Bernice

41-01-24 Mr Ruebush Has to Wait

41-02-16 The Wives Rule Book

41-03-18 After Dinner Talk

41-05-30 Five Men From Maine

41-06-01 Calling Long Distance

41-06-03 Nicer Scott's Hammock

41-06-04 Grand Old Lodge Lady

41-06-30 Who's Who in Kitchenware

41-07-01 Uncle Fletcher's Easy Chair

41-10-17 Broken Alarm Clocks

41-42-x1 Uncle Fletcher's Train Trip to Dixon, I'llinois

41-42-x3 Mr Chinbunny Eats Ice Cream

41-42-x5 Landlady's Washrag Collection

42-00-x1 Lodge Speech Rehearsal

42-00-x7 Thimble Club Plans Visits

42-02-13 The Prize Clock

42-02-17 Hank Gutstop, Maitre D

42-02-18 Edith Suggins Visits

42-02-19 Uncle Fletcher Visits

42-02-24 Rawhide Shoestrings

42-03-09 Uncle Fletcher's Letter From Aunt Bess [LQ]

42-03-xx Mis Applerot's Petition

42-04-06 Rush collects scrap metal

42-06-08 Another Letter from Bess (11m)

42-07-xy Porch on a Hot Summer Night, Titles for Husbands

42-08-06 Christmas Cards - COD

42-09-12 Vegetable Garden [VLQ]

42-09-18 Fred Becomes Ted

42-10-27 Suggestions for Boss' Christmas Present

42-11-20 Rush's Haircut

43-02-15 Dottie Brainfeeble Arrives

43-03-31 Brainfeeble's Housewarming

43-07-12 Garbage Man - Lodge Regalia

43-10-01 Shopping after Sewing Buttons

43-10-27 Sade's Thimble Club

43-11-03 Watch Fob Collection

43-11-08 Essay on Birds

43-11-10 Phone Call Interrupt

43-11-11 B B Baugh

43-11-15 Ike Kneesurfer's Snapshots

43-11-19 Caribbean Dream Flute

43-11-26 Choosing Christmas Present for Boss, Again

43-11-29 Garbage Wagon Pass

43-11-30 Vic to Visit Sweet Esther, Wisconsin

43-x0-01 Russel MI'ller, Con Artist

44-01-25 Home for the Tall

44-02-05 History of Plant#14

44-06-02 Teaching Cigar Smoking

44-06-15 Aunt Bess

44-06-30 Russell Stays With Milton

44-07-13 Sale at Yamiltons

44-09-04 Wedding Guest List

44-09-05 Sade Reckons Her Debtors

44-09-06 Muted Silver Moon Beam Chimes

44-09-07 Fancy Box

44-09-08 Vic Going to Chicago

44-09-11 Wedding Plans

44-09-12 Stembottom's Tires

44-09-13 Uncle Fletcher goes to Dixon, I'llinois

44-09-14 Working Off Hank Gutstop's Debt

44-09-18 Vic's Greeting Cards

44-09-20 Sade Opens Rev Cook's Letter

44-09-21 Groom is Arriving on the 9-45

Box of Old Letters

Fancy Box

Going to Peoria


Landlady's Washrag Collection

Office Work at Home

Russel MI'ller Con Artist

Sade's Thimble Club

Saving Blue-Tooth

Stembottom's Tires

Trip to Dixon

Vic Duns Kleeburgers

Vic Going to Chicago

Vic's Greeting Cards

Vic's Unheard News

Wedding Plans

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