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WW2 News Clips

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Track List (54 Episodes)

19411206 CBS World News Today

19411207 1400 NBCR Sammy Kaye Sunday Serenade

19411207 1428 NBCR First Bulletin On Pearl Harbor Attack

19411207 1430 CBS World Today John Daly Reads Bulletin

19411207 1430 NBCR Univ Of Chicago Roundtable Canada At War

19411207 1432 NBCB Bulletin On Pearl Harbor Attack

19411207 1437 CBS Albert Warner Speculates On FDR's Next Steps

19411207 1437 CBS Bob Trout On British Reaction

19411207 1439 NBCR Manila Bombed

19411207 1449 CBS Ford Wilkins In ManI'lla Cut Off By US Censors

19411207 1452 NBC Burma Bombed

19411207 1500 CBS NY Philharmonic Concert Interrupted

19411207 1515 NBCR H V Kaltenborn

19411207 1530 NBCR Listen America

19411207 1600 NBCB National Vespers

19411207 1600 NBCR Sylvia Marlowe & Richard Dyer Bennett Show

19411207 1609 NBCR KGU Honolulu Report

19411207 1630 NBCR News

19411207 1800 NBCR Catholic Hour With Rev James GI'llis

19411207 1830 NBCB Drew Pearson & Robert S Allen Commentary

19411207 1845 NBCB Eleanor Roosevelt

19411207 1900 NBCB News Roundup

19411207 1900 NBCR Jack Benny Show

19411207 1930 NBCB Captain Flagg & Sergeant Quirt

19411207 1930 NBCR Fitch Bandwagon

19411207 2000 NBCB Bible Week

19411207 2000 NBCR Chase And Sanborn Program

19411207 2030 NBCB Inner Sanctum Island Of Death

19411207 2030 NBCR One Man's Family

19411207 2100 NBCB Jergens Journal

19411207 2100 NBCR Manhattan Merry GoRound

19411207 2115 NBCB Parker Family

19411207 2130 NBCB Dear John

19411207 2130 NBCR American Album Of Familiar Music

19411207 2145 NBCB Dinah Shore

19411207 2200 NBCB GoodwI'll Hour

19411207 2200 NBCR Hour Of Charm

19411207 2230 NBCR Sherlock Holmes

19411207 2300 NBCR News

19411207 2330 NBCR Round Table Discussion

19411207 BBC Alvar Liddell Japanese Attacks In The Pacific

19411207 BBC Washington Reaction To Pearl Harbor Attack

19411207 CBS Analysis Of Attack On Pearl Harbor And ManI'lla

19411207 CBS Attempts To Call Honolulu

19411207 CBS Football Broadcast War Bulletin

19411207 CBS John Charles Daly Reports Pearl Harbor Attack

19411207 CBS NY Philharmonic Concert War Bulletins

19411207 CBS World News Today

19411207 MBS Bulletin Interrupts Football Game

19411207 MBS Flash UPI Bulletin Reports Attack On Pearl Harbor

19411207 NBC News Bulletins

19411207 NBC American Legion Special Defense Message

19411207 NHK Gen Hideki Tojo Declares War On The Allies

19411207 WNYC Fiorello La Guardia

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