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WW2 News Clips from 1942-1943

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Track List (153 Episodes)

400920 CBS Edward Murrow On London Rooftop During Blitz

411207 1439 NBCR Manila Bombed

411208 0009 NBCB Bert Silan Reports Manila Bombing

411208 0100 NBCR News and Music

411208 0900 NBC Don McNiel's Breakfast Club

411208 1045 NBCB Familar Melodies

411208 1100 NBCR Story Of Mary Marlin

411208 1150 CBS Congress Session Declaration Of War Proceedings

411208 1240 NBCR Coverage After FDR's Speech To Congress

411208 1330 NBCR Irving MI'ller Let's Sing And Swing

411208 1345 NBCR News Bert Silan And Upton Close

411208 1400 NBCB Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra

411208 2130 NBCB News

411208 BBC Wilfred Pickles On Far East Attacks

411208 BBC Winston ChurchI'll War With Japan

411208 CBS Albert Warner Comments On War Proceedings

411208 CBS Ford Wilkins In Manila

411208 CBS News

411208 FDR's Speech To Joint Session Of Congress

411208 Introduction, Then FDR's 'Day Of Infamy' Speech

411208 NBCR News With John W Vandercook

411209 CBS World News Today

411209 FDR Fireside Chat

411210 CBS John Daly Bulletin On Japanese Attacks In PhI'llipines

411210 CBS Three Front War Summary

411211 CBS Congress Declares War On Germany

411211 EIAR Benito Mussolini Discorso

411211 EIAR Dichiarazione di Guerra agli USA

411211 NBC March of Time Pearl Harbor

411223 Fall Of Wake Island

411224 BBC Winston ChurchI'll The White House Christmas Tree

411224 FDR Christmas Broadcast

411224 MBS White House Christmas Tree Ceremony

411226 BBC Winston ChurchI'll Address To Congress

411228 RSH Lord Haw Haw Germany Calling Part 1

411228 RSH Lord Haw Haw Germany Calling Part 2

411230 CBC Winston ChurchI'll Preparation, Liberation, Assault

41xxxx California Governor Olson On Japanese Residents

41xxxx Charles Lindbergh On US NonIntervention

420106 NBC FDR State of the Union

420211 CBS News Of The World

420215 BBC Winston ChurchI'll Reviews Atlantic Charter Summit

420215 NHK Japanese Victory Over Singapore

420225 CBS News Of The World

420420 CBS Mobil Gas News Service

420429 NHK Station DEBUNK SignOn

420507 KZRH Gen Wainwright Broadcasts Surrender Of Corregidor

420523 RDN Allocution De Philippe Henri

420604 MBS Capt WI'lliam Graves On The Battle Of Midway

420615 BBC Giles Fairplay, Last Days of Singapore

420620 RDN Pierre Laval Déclare

420805 MBS Fulton Lewis And The News

420817 BBC Freddy Grisewood Saving Fuel

420930 RRG Adolf Hitler Rede Über Stalingrad

421021 BBC General Montgomery To 8th Army Before El Alamein

421101 BBC Godfrey Talbot Watches Night Tank Battle

421104 BBC Bruce Belfrage On Victory At El Alamein

421104 BBC Bruce Belfrage Reports Victory In El Alamein

421107 FDR Appeals To French To Resist The Nazis

421108 CBS World News Today

421110 BBC Winston ChurchI'll The End Of The Beginning

421111 CBS World News Special

421111 MBS Armistice Day Ceremony

421115 BBC Bells Ring Victory In Tobruk

421115 CBS World News Today

421129 BBC Winston ChurchI'll National Address

421129 CBS World News Today

421206 CBS World News Today

421207 MBS Gabriel Heatter Reports On Year After Pearl Harbor

421220 CBS World News Today

421224 BBCD On The Elimination Of The Jews In Europe

421226 BBC Godfrey Talbot Christmas With 8th Army In Tripoli

421226 BBC Radio Doctor Advice For Christmas

42xxxx NHK Station DEBUNK Another SignOn

42xxxx RRGO Paul Revere aka Douglas Chandler

42xxxx RRGO Robert Best Against US Action

42xxxx UK Newsreels Singapore's Defences Before Defeat

430103 CBS World News Today

430109 CBS World News Today

430117 CBS World News Today

430123 VOA Deutschsprachige Nachrichten der 'Stimme Amerikas'

430130 RRG Hermann Göring Die Legende von Stalingrad

430209 BBC Paul Winterton on Stalingrad

430209 BBC Robert Robinson Reports Victory In Stalingrad

430209 BBCF Ici Londres Victoire Soviétique à Stalingrad

430218 RRG Joseph Göbbels Total War

430218 Soong MeiLing Appeals To Congress

430314 CBS World News Today

430321 BBC Winston ChurchI'll National Address

430321 CBS World News Carries ChurchI'll's Speech

430321 CBS World News Today

430328 CBS World News Today

430328 NBC World News Parade

430411 CBS World News Today

430418 CBS World News Today

430418 MBS Gabriel Heatter And The News

430502 NBCB FDR Fireside Chat On The Coal Crisis

430507 CBC Lorne Green Reports Victory In Tunis

430513 BBC Frank GI'llard On German Surrender In N Africa

430518 RRGO Axis Sally (Mildred GI'llars) Home Sweet Home Part 1

430518 RRGO Axis Sally (Mildred GI'llars) Home Sweet Home Part 2

430518 RRGO Axis Sally (Mildred GI'llars) Home Sweet Home Part 3

430518 RRGO Axis Sally (Mildred GI'llars) Home Sweet Home Part 4

430518 RRGO Axis Sally (Mildred GI'llars) Home Sweet Home Part 5

430519 BBC Winston ChurchI'll Second Address To US Congress

430612 BBC Freddy Grisewood Reports On Tehran Conference

430622 BBC Commander Kimmins on Invasion of Sicily

430630 BBC Winston ChurchI'll Reaping The Whirlwind

430701 MBS Frank Singiser And The News

430711 CBS World News Today

430725 BBC Maurice ShI'llington Reports Mussolini Resigns

430725 CBS World News Today

430725 EIAR Announces The Resignation Of Mussolini

430728 FDR Fireside Chat First Crack In The Axis

430808 CBS World News Today

430815 CBS World News Today

430816 NBCB Raymond Gram Swing History On The March

430817 BBC Garry Marsh General Patton Enters Messina

430822 BBC Frank GI'llard With Town Band in Lentini

430826 MBS Paul Schubert

430828 NBCB John W Vandercook

430829 CBS World News Today

430831 CBC Winston ChurchI'll Broadcast From Quebec

430903 BBC Lancaster Bomber Crew Over Berlin

430903 BBC Mongomery Announces Landings in Italy

430906 BBC Winston ChurchI'll Anglo American Unity

430908 Eisenhower Announces Italian Surrender

430919 CBS World News Today

430926 CBS World News Today

431003 CBS World News Today

431004 Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler To SS Group (Excerpt 1)

431004 Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler To SS Group (Excerpt 2)

431004 Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler To SS Group (Excerpt 3)

431004 Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler To SS Group (Excerpt 4)

431010 CBS World News Today

431013 BBC Freddy Grisewood Reports Italy At War with Germany

431017 CBS World News Today

431028 BBC Winston ChurchI'll Rebuilding The House Of Commons

431103 CBS Daytime Radio Newspaper

431203 CBS Edward R Murrow Recounts Bomb Run On Berlin

431203 ER Murrow Orchestrated Hell Broadcast

431206 BBC Freddy Grisewood Reports On Tehran Conference

431219 CBS World News Today

431224 FDR Fireside Chat

431226 CBS World News Today

431228 CBC Matthew Halton Canadians Attack Ortona

43xxxx BBCF Ici Londres L'éléphant s'est cassé une défense

43xxxx BBCF Ici Londres Messages Personnels

43xxxx CBC Canadian Lancaster Bomber Crew On Mission

43xxxx RRG Radio Berlin Air Raid Warning

43xxxx RRGO Gerry's Front Calling American POW Messages

43xxxx RRGO Gerry's Front Calling British POW Messages

43xxxx RRGO Gerry's Front Calling Canadian & UK POW Messages

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