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WW2 News Clips from 1944-1945

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Track List (87 Episodes)

440720 NBC Democratic National Convention Day 2a

440720 NBC Democratic National Convention Day 2b

440720 NBC Democratic National Convention Day 2c

440721 RL Radio Paris Attentat Contre Hitler

440721 RRG Adolf Hitler On July 20th Assassination Attempt

440806 CBS World News Today

440807 Judge Roland Freisler Shouts At Coup Defendant Ervin von Witzleben

440813 CBS World News Today

440813 RRG Heinrich Himmler Vor Offizieren Von Volksgrenadier

440814 NHK Orphan Anne SignOn

440814 NHK The Zero Hour Hosted By Orphan Anne (Iva Toguri)

440815 NHK The Zero Hour Hosted By Orphan Anne (Iva Toguri)

440816 NHK The Zero Hour Hosted By Orphan Anne (Iva Toguri)

440820 CBS World News Today

440825 BBC Richard Wessel On The Liberation Of Paris

440825 CAN The Liberation Of Paris

440825 RL Radio Paris Le Général De Gaulle à L'Hôtel De VI'lle

440826 CBC Matthew Halton The Liberation Of Paris

440827 BBC Robert Reid On DeGaulle Assassination Attempt

440827 CBS World News Today

440902 BBC Chester Wilmot On Road Outside Brussels

440903 CBS World News Today

440909 CBC Kate Aitken Homefront Fashion Tips

440910 CBS World News Today

440910 NHK The Zero Hour Hosted By Orphan Anne (Iva Toguri)

440917 BBC Announces The Invasion Of Holland

440917 BBC Montgomery Addresses His Troops

440917 CBS Edward Murrow Counts Parachutes In Holland

440920 CAN Stanley Maxted Cut Off With Airborne

440920 CAN Stanley Maxted Reports As Supplies Drop Over Hartenstein

440923 BBC Robert Robbertson Reports On Arnhem

440923 FDR Teamsters Union Address Fala

440924 CBS World News Today

441001 CBS World News Today

441015 CBS World News Today

441022 CBS World News Today

441029 CBS World News Today

441106 CBS Democratic National Committee Program

441109 BBC Winston ChurchI'll The Fruits Of 1944

441110 NBC FDR Returns To Washington

441112 CBS World News Today

441123 BBC Winston ChurchI'll America's Thanksgiving Day

4411xx BBC Russel Interviews Bomb Victim

441203 CBS World News Today

441216 EIAR Benito Mussolini Discorso

441218 BBC Robert Barr Reports On Ardennes Withdrawal

441223 MBS Frank Singiser And The News

441224 BBC Lord Mountbatten We Are Not The Forgotton Front

441225 NBC News From Around The World

441231 CBS World News Today

441231 MBS News 1944 In Review

441231 RRG Adolf Hitler Silvesteransprache

44xxxx FDR Campaigns For 4th Term

450106 FDR Fireside Chat On Battle Of The Bulge

450107 CBS World News Today

450114 CBS World News Today

450128 CBS World News Today

450130 RRG Adolf Hitler Last Broadcast

450212 FDR Returns From Allied Conference At Yalta

450218 CBS World News Today

450219 CAN Arthur Prim Reports The First Strikes On Iwo Jima

450219 CAN Live Coverage Of U.S. Marines Landing On Iwo Jima

450219 CAN Sgt Mawson On Iwo Jima Landings

450220 CAN Arthur Prim's Observation Flight Over Iwo Jima

450220 CAN Report On Japanese Fortifications On Iwo Jima

450222 Tank Communications In Battle For Iwo Jima

450225 CAN Secretary Of The Navy James Forrestal On The Battle Of Iwo Jima

450227 CAN Sgt Mawson Battle Of Motoyama Airfield On Iwo Jima

450301 FDR Last Address Before Congress

450303 MBS Leslie Nichols Reports As Battleship Destroys Plane

450304 CBS World News Today

450308 BBC Freddy Grisewood Remagen Bridge Crossed

450308 BBC Ian Wilson Reports Americans Cross The Rhine

450311 BBC Chester Wilmot Reports From Montgomery's HQ

450311 CBS World News Today

450321 BBC Richard Sharpe General Slim's 14 Army In Mandalay

450324 BBC Richard Dimbleby As Gliders Cross Rhine

450324 BBC Richard Dimbleby Recounts Glider Landing

450324 BBC W V Thomas Awaiting To Cross The Rhine

450324 BBC W V Thomas During The British Crossing Of The Rhine

450325 BBC Robert Barr Reports Winston ChurchI'll Crosses The Rhine

450325 CAN Stanley Maxted Recounts German Attack On Hamilcar

450325 CBS World News Today

450328 BBC Stuart McPherson Reports From Germany

450331 BBC British Soldier Released From OFLAG 12B

450331 BBC Wynford VaughanThomas Reports On The Spearhead

4503xx RRG Audio From Adolf Hitler's Final Wochenschau

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