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You Are There Vol 2

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Track List (55 Episodes)

470707 (01)Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

470714 (02)The Storming of the BastI'lle

470804 (04)Witchcraft Trials at Salem

470811 (05)The Defeat of the Spanish Armada

470825 (07)The Last Day of Pompeii

471106 (01)Radio The Listening Years

471207 (08)Napoleon Returns from Elba

471214 (09)Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

471221 (10)The Sailing of the Mayflower

471228 (11)The Storming of the BastI'lle

480111 (13)The Burr Hamilton Duel

480118 (14)The Signing of the Magna Carta

480125 (15)The Alamo

480201 (16)The Defeat of the Spanish Armada

480208 (17)The Dreyfus Case

480321 (23)Philadelphia, July 4, 1776

480404 (24)The Monitor and the Merrimac

480411 (25)The Last Day of Pompeii

480502 (28)The Surrender of Sitting Bull

480516 (30)The Signing of the Magna Carta

480523 (31)The Execution of Maximilian

480530 (32)Toussaint L'ouverture Liberates Haiti

480627 (36)The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

480704 (37)Declaration of Independance

480829 (39)The Execution of Joan of Arc

480926 (43)Ann Hutchinson's Trial

481003 (44)The First Battle of Bull Run

481010 (45)Columbus Discovers America

481017 (46)The Trial of Marie Antoinette

481024 (47)The Fall of Troy

481031 (48)The Election of Thomas Jefferson

481114 (50)Napoleon Recaptured and Exiled

481121 (51)Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

490102 (57)The Surrender of Sitting Bull

490116 (59)Mutiny in the Colonial Army

490123 (60)Toussaint L'ouverture Liberates Haiti

490130 (61)Colonel Johnson Eats the Love Apple

490206 (62)The Trial of John Peter Zenger

490213 (63)The Battle of Hastings

490220 (64)The Ordeal of Savonarola

490306 (66)The Rise of Alexander the Great

490313 (67)The Rise of Alexander the Great

490320 (68)The Rise of Alexander the Great

490327 (69)The Okalahoma Land Run

490410 (71)Perry's Dash to the North Pole

490417 (72)Napoleon Returns from Elba

490529 (78)The Siege of Leiden Holland

491030 (81)The Trial of Burr

491225 (83)Charlemagne

500122 (84)New Amsterdam

500219 (85)Charge of the Light Brigade

500319 (86)Stamp Act Rebellion

500416 (87)Thermopolae

500514 (88)WI'lliam Penn Trial

500611 (89)Women's Rights

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